Graduate Student Testimonials

Meet EECS graduate students. Click on an image to learn more about a student’s research and educational experiences at Mizzou.

Heather Graham

'There are so many amazing people and opportunities here'

Omiya Hassan

'Mizzou provides great assistantships for international graduate students'

Jian Kang

Praises state-of-the-art research environment

Alex Morehead

'I chose Mizzou for the university's global reputation for innovative research'

Caleb Heinzman

'I chose Mizzou for it’s incredible breadth of opportunities'

Yu Li

'I am really lucky that my research program allows me to collaborate with many extremely talented researchers'

Samaikya Valluripally

'With the invaluable experience I gained so far at Mizzou, I plan to work in a Research & Development Lab'

Samira Shamsir

Praises state-of-the-art facilities, highly qualified faculty members

Danlu Liu

'I like Mizzou's four values: Respect, Responsibility, Discovery and Excellence'

Ke Gao

'Mizzou has a good track record of supporting international students'

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