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Information Systems and Technology Certificate

Boost your understanding of computers, networks and technology with a Certificate in Information Systems. This certificate is a joint program between the Information Technology Program at Mizzou Engineering and the School of Information Science and Learning Technology.

What is it?

The undergraduate Certificate in Information Systems is a 12 credit-hour stand-alone certificate. It consists of 9 hours of core requirements and one 3-hour elective. The certificate provides students with an academic overview of Information Systems practices currently utilized by employers around the globe.

Why pursue it?

This certificate is a good choice for professionals seeking to enter or advance within the information technology field, or to provide a unique opportunity to develop skills important to your career. Students will be ready for entry-level opportunities that give you an edge in a technology-fueled workplace. The certificate allows those working in IT to keep their skills up-to-date, or for those with limited experience to meet professional requirements.

Undergraduate Certificate in Information Systems Requirements

Requirements: 12 completed credit hours (9 required, 3 elective)

Core Courses: 3 courses required (9 hours)

INFOTC 1040        Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming

INFOTC 3380        Database Applications and Information Systems

IS-LT 4355             Intermediate Web Development

Elective Courses: 1 courses required (3 hours)

IS_LT 4356           Interactive Web Design with JavaScript

IS_LT 4383            Rapid Development Tools for Online Learning

IS_LT 4473            Introduction to Project Management

IS_LT 4099            Making and Education (3D Printing)

INFOTC 2040       Programming Languages and Paradigms

INFOTC 2810        Fundamentals of Network Technology

INFOTC 2910        Cybersecurity I

INFOTC 3330        Object Oriented Programming

INFOTC 3380        Database Applications and Information Systems

INFOTC 3530       UNIX Operating Systems

INFOTC 3650       Media Production Management

INFOTC 4830       Web Application Development 2


Current Mizzou students should speak to their advisor about adding the certificate.

Non-Mizzou students can apply for the certificate here.

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