IMSE Research


Focus Areas

Our department identifies seven interest areas of research. Read on to find out more about these interest areas, the faculty who specialize in them, and some of our featured research projects.

applied operations research

Applied Operations Research

Applied operations research uses mathematical optimization approaches in order to support decision making to improve a wide range of application areas: public policy, sustainability, energy, etc.

data analytics

Data Analytics for Decision Making

Industrial engineers both create and use data analytics approaches in order to not just gain insight into data, but to also utilize data for making optimal decisions.

Quadrocopter drone

Emerging Transportation Logistics

Industrial engineers use optimization and simulation approaches to design and evaluate new transportation logistics technologies such as drones, hyperloop, etc.

Medical professional taking vitals of prone patient in operating room

Healthcare Systems

Industrial engineers analyze and design healthcare delivery process by addressing process efficiency, productivity and patient access resulting in safer and more cost-effective systems.

Person holding mobile phone while sitting in front of open laptop

Human-Computer Interaction

Designing systems to improve human-computer interaction focuses on the interface between human capabilities and computer technologies in order to improve human performance.

Person checking manufactured items for quality assurance

Quality & Reliability Engineering

Quality and reliability engineering seeks to ensure acceptable outcomes and reduce process failure in manufacturing and other systems.

Shipping truck

Supply Chain / Logistics / Material Flow

Industrial engineers design and analyze the flow of goods and services in order to optimize overall supply chain performance.

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