IT Degrees

Prepare for an In-Demand IT Career

Prepare for the in-demand, high-paying field of information technology. The IT program allows you to explore all areas of IT before tailoring courses to your career goals. Choose from software engineering, media and interactive environment design, and cybersecurity. Prepare for a wide variety of jobs in a high-growth industry.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Gain practical, industry-specific skills in foundational and emerging technologies. Cater your study to areas of interest in software and application development, post-production media, cybersecurity and system administration management.

This program is also offered 100% online. Click here to be directed to the Mizzou Online page and application.

Dual Bachelor of Science in Information Technology & Computer Science

Gain both a practical and theoretical understanding of computing and technology. Study programming, graphics, system design, databases and machine learning. Then, opt to delve deeper into information systems or media technologies.

Undergraduate Certificate Programs

Cybersecurity Certificate

Gain the knowledge needed to help companies and organizations keep their information secure. Learn cyber attack prevention, digital forensics and network security principles. This certificate provides an Information Technology focus in cybersecurity and is ideal for those who want to work in IT for companies of all sizes. Elective courses help you tie related IT fields directly to the world of cybersecurity.

Media Technology & Design Certificate

Hone your post-production, editorial, animation and media technology skills. Focus on post-production practices in today’s media creation industry. Learn non-linear editing, 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, visual effects, audio post-production, basic game design principles and production system designs. This certificate is a good choice for students interested in media, film, communication, journalism and media technology.

Web and Mobile App Development

Focus your study on web application and mobile application development. You will learn various programming languages, front- and back-end design and database management for both iOS and Android. This certificate is ideal for students who want to sharpen mobile and web design skills for a company or start a path toward software engineering.

Information Systems and Technology

Gain a base-line understanding of the technology used in most business workplaces. You’ll get a survey-level introduction to practices, design, programming and web application development. This certificate is a collaboration between the IT Program and the School of Information Science and Learning Technology. It’s ideal for a student who wants to give their resume an edge.

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