IT Student Testimonials

Meet IT students. Click on an image to learn more about a student’s educational experiences at Mizzou.

Jordan Wieberg

'My CS & IT curriculum has me well-prepared for developing software in the professional world'

Sarina Gaines

'I feel confident in my skills and knowledge and know that I am prepared to take on a job in the field of Information Technology.'

Steven Coll

'All of the professors are very skilled and engaging'

Kate Clemens

'Starting from my first semester in the College of Engineering I knew I had made the right decision.'

Persephone Gloeckner-Suits

'I would definitely recommend the IT program to prospective students'

Josiah Callaway

'If you have any aspirations that fall in the realm of IT, Mizzou’s IT program can help you achieve them'

Ashley Rolf

'It feels more like I am pursuing my passions than a degree, and that’s what Mizzou IT is to me'

Patrick Kunza

'The IT program prepared me for this work by being well-rounded in the IT industry'

Brady Webb

'I took a lot of all different types of classes, which is what I really loved'

Jacob Hollis

'I’d recommend the IT program to anyone who wants a flexible, comprehensive program'

Weston Verhulst

'I'm incredibly grateful for my experience in the Mizzou IT program'

Jacob Sokora

'I would absolutely recommend the program if you want to be a software engineer'

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