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IT Study Abroad student group

IT Study Abroad Practicum and Capstone

The IT Program offers annual study abroad programs, typically but not limited to the Summer Intersession, in a spectrum of topics within the scope of the curriculum. Each year, the IT Faculty evaluates options and selects programs based on student interest and need. The following programs are offered to students interested in an international experience that meets course requirements, and in some cases, satisfies advanced requirements needed for graduation (writing intensive).

For specific information, please contact the listed instructor, or Lindsey Wisnewski at the Engineering Study Aboard office.

IT 4610 Media Design Practicum and Capstone

Earn three credit hours by enrolling in a month-long media design course abroad, collaborating with a spectrum of disciplines across our campus, and working directly with industry professionals and advanced media design software and video and audio capture technology for an immersive hands-on experience.

The media study abroad program in Information Technology will explore international media trends in photography, film, and television production, as well as provide the students with the challenges and rewards of managing large scale production projects in an international setting. Students work directly with course instructors and course mentors from the industry for a hands-on, one-on-one experience, with special attention paid to their portfolios and projects.

This intensive four-week experience mirrors the demands of the industry while providing the student with valuable cultural exposure to countries across the world. Whatever your interest area in media production, the IT Program’s study abroad course will be a great place for you to learn and immerse yourself inside the beauty of the host country.

IT Students often work side-by-side with students from a spectrum of disciplines across campus, giving all who participate a wide range of experience and exposure to the areas of study.

This course may also be taken for writing-intensive credit. For Information Technology seniors, if taken as writing-intensive, it will satisfy the capstone requirement needed for graduation, while also serving as one of the required writing-intensive courses.

Program information becomes available approximately September 15. Program dates are approximately June 2 through June 27 of each year.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid packages are typically granted in the form of low-interest student loans that cover all trip related expenses (tuition, fees, accommodations, activities, and personal expenses). There are numerous other options available as well, and we encourage students to seek out all options as early as possible. Please contact the Engineering Study Abroad office for further information on ALL opportunities available abroad.


Applications can be submitted here.

First come, first serve basis until the course is full (limited to 30 students).

Course Instructor

Brian Maurer

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