Minor in Aerospace Engineering

The MAE department offers a minor in Aerospace Engineering for students who wish to pursue this field.  The basic requirements for the Aerospace Minor are:

  • MAE 3400, Fluid Mechanics: 3 credit hrs
  • MAE 3600, Dynamic Systems and Control: 3 credit hrs
  • Four aerospace courses (4000-level MAE electives): 12 credit hrs

The first two courses are required for the BSME degree.  The 12 credits of aerospace courses are satisfied by taking four MAE electives from the following lists of aerospace engineering courses.  At least six credits (two courses) must be from the “core” list of courses that focus on foundational areas of aerospace engineering (aerospace structures, aerodynamics, propulsion, and flight mechanics).  At most six credits (two courses) may be taken from the “auxiliary” list of courses that present applications in the aerospace field.  In summary, a student completing the aerospace minor must take their three MAE electives and one Technical elective from the list of aerospace courses.  Hence, a student can obtain the aerospace minor without taking additional credits beyond the minimum requirements for the BSME degree.  It is important to note that courses involving independent study and research (i.e., MAE 4085, 4990, 4995) may not be applied to the aerospace minor.


Core Classes

  • MAE 4001 Spacecraft Thermal Control (3 credit hrs)
  • MAE 4210 Aerospace Structures (3 credit hrs)
  • MAE 4390 Aerospace Propulsion (3 credit hrs)
  • MAE 4420 Intermediate Fluid Mechanics (3 credit hrs)
  • MAE 4430 Intro to Comp. Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer (3 credit hrs)
  • MAE 4440 Aerodynamics (3 credit hrs)
  • MAE 4450 Gas Dynamics (3 credit hrs)
  • MAE 4620 Aircraft Flight Performance (3 credit hrs)
  • MAE 4630 Space Flight Mechanics (3 credit hrs)
  • MAE 4635 Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control (3 credit hrs)
  • MAE 4690 Aircraft Flight Dynamics (3 credit hrs)
  • MAE 4940 Aircraft Design (3 credit hrs)

Auxiliary Classes

  • MAE 4280 Introduction to Finite Element Methods (3 credit hrs)
  • MAE 4310 Intermediate Heat Transfer (3 credit hrs)
  • MAE 4320 Design of Thermal Systems (3 credit hrs)
  • MAE 4380 Intermediate Thermodynamics (3 credit hrs)
  • MAE 4600 Advanced Mechanics of Materials (3 credit hrs)
  • MAE 4710 Hydraulic Control Systems
  • MAE 4720 Modern Control (3 credit hrs)
  • MAE 4740 Digital Control (3 credit hrs)
  • Physics 3200 Physics of Space Exploration (3 credit hrs)

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