MAE 4980W Capstone Final Projects

Fall 2020

Your education at Mizzou Engineering culminates with an opportunity to apply what you’ve learned to a realistic scenario through a capstone project. These projects bring together in one class the knowledge and skills you’ll have gained over the course of your education.

You’ll work together with classmates in small groups to solve engineering problems. Be prepared to hear to new ideas and be ready to defend your own, all while preparing for real-world employment.

Examples of innovative capstone projects in MAE include:

  • Creating a foot-operated door handle for latched doors to reduce the spread of germs
  • Developing a hybrid rocket motor for use by the Mizzou Space Program

For these projects, students built prototypes of the proposed product, tested the product for feasibility, and developed a schedule for completing the project.

Below are all capstone class projects from the previous fall and spring semesters. Check them out and learn more about how an engineer thinks, creates and develops innovative solutions to improve lives and solve problems.

Mask Aid

Group 1

Project Name: Mask-Aid
Project Description: Automated Mask Dispenser
Group Members: Caroline Langley, Michael Ethridge, Scott Meservey, Michael Mardikes, Bennett Smallwood, Harsimranjot Grewal
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ming Xin

Warm Bodies

Group 2

Project Name: Warm Bodies
Project Description: Thermal Fluids blanket designed to combat hypothermia
Group Members: Adrian Shumate, Colby Linthicum, Alexander Lakin, Nick Lammers, Denton Olsen, Tanner Scholin
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Yuwen Zhang

Mask Performance

Group 3

Project Name: Mask Performance
Project Description: We created a reusable mask made of silicone with fans for promoted breathability. The mask has several design features which make it ideal for physical activity.
Group Members: Jay Colbert, Derek Garner, Justin Hendricks, John Houserman, Gracie Malon, Tyler Munn, Matthew Nebel
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sanjeev Khanna

Heat Sink Design

Group 4

Project Name: 3D Printed Polymer Heat Sink
Project Description: A heat sink designed to demonstrate the viability of thermally conductive polymers as low weight thermal management
Group Members: Augustine Frymire, Adish Bharadwaj, Petey Botts, Lyndon Ersery, Ahmed Krgo
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gary Solbrekken

Attachable Foot Operated Door Handle

Group 5

Project Name: Attachable Foot Operated Door Handle
Project Description: Pedal which attaches to an existing door and allows the user to open a latched door with their foot to reduce contact to germs.
Group Members: Connor Austell, Adam Moore, Austin Mathews, Gary Vomund, Daniel Hein, Jacob Abel
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Robert Thompson

Hybrid Test Program

Group 6

Project Name: Hybrid Test Program
Project Description: In a partnership with the Mizzou Space Program, our group decided to help develop a hybrid rocket motor that uses nitrous oxide (N20) as the oxidizer and hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (HTPB) as the fuel.
Group Members: Brady Kempf, Brian Arends, Greg Ozgul, John Cruz, Kyle Patton, & Mark Magnante
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Robert Tzou

Attitude Dynamics

Group 7

Project Name: Attitude Dynamics
Project Description: Attitude control system for a benchtop satellite
Group Members: Jess Emerson, Sarah Geisen, Victoria La Rose, Griffin Willis
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Craig Kluever


Group 8

Project Name: Barkimedes
Project Description: Automated Recycling Dog Feeder
Group Members: Yazan Anani, Michael Anderson, Jason Broyhill, Matt Coonan, Hunter Fennell, Andrew Harris, Zachary Jones
Faculty Advisor: Michael Poehlman

Equine Design

Group 9

Project Name: Equine Design
Project Description: Surgical Clamping tool to assist in equine surgery
Group Members: Cody Huhn, Kylie Nedelka, Alex Moxley, Grant Hill, Tim Canty, Trent Mcqueen, and Nick Preusser
Faculty Advisor: Michael Poehlman

Liquid Cooling System for Electric Vehicles

Group 10

Project Name: Liquid Cooling System for Electric Vehicles
Project Description: To research existing cooling systems for electric vehicles, compare these systems against one another, and select the best one. We then designed our cooling system based off of the best existing system and ran simulations to get a temperature distribution for a portion of the system.
Group Members: Brian Overton, Avery Harris-Russell, Hooba Hassan, Yingnan Huo, Jaeseok Jeong, Alexander LeBar, Chengxun Wang
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Chanwoo Park

Dampro Nonlinear Vibrational Damping Device

Group 11

Project Name: Dampro Nonlinear Vibrational Damping Device
Project Description: Creation of a device that utilizes a nonlinear spring vibrational damper. Device initially has a stiffer response, which then becomes softer to allow for better vibrational damping of heavy instruments.
Group Members: Fred Reiss, Brohde Bennett, Ryan Shepherd, Yibo Dai, Jack Hemeyer, Matt Hummel, and Lily Lewis-Stump
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Frank Feng

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