Become a Mizzou Engineer

As an engineering student, you have the mind, the ability and the potential. Mizzou Engineering has the skilled faculty, the labs and the classrooms to provide you with an excellent education. Besides gaining expertise in your chosen field, you’ll be encouraged and given opportunities to develop entrepreneurship, leadership and teamwork skills.

Mizzou engineering is more than a parade of auditorium lectures. Exceptional students can get involved in the undergraduate research program. If you decide to join, you will work with a faculty member on a research project beginning your sophomore year and can receive graduate credit for your efforts during your senior year.

Students can also participate in the study abroad program, new to engineering. Take part in the cultural and educational experience of traveling abroad, all while learning about the big picture of engineering.

Engineering doesn’t end at the classroom door or even in the lab. Get involved with any of the different student organizations and design teams, that offer a variety of opportunities for undergraduates to make friends and excel as students and future engineers.

This atmosphere of student success coupled with our strengths in educating engineering leaders and our world-class opportunities for undergraduate research are what drive the next generation of cutting-edge engineers to get in here at Mizzou Engineering. Are you ready to join them? Are you ready to get in?

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