The Undergraduate Experience

At Mizzou Engineering, collaboration, creativity and research surge together. Where others may see problems, disease and inefficiencies, we see opportunities, potential and infinite possibilities. We teach, we learn, and we analyze — and we demand innovation, inclusion and integrity as we create smarter, safer, more efficient ways of living.

At Mizzou, we see the world through a lens of responsibility and inspiration, grounded and lifted by the knowledge that we have the power to make life better.

By fueling passions and imaginations, stoking curiosity and challenging logic, we feed a quest for excellence and make achievements that change lives.

Undergraduate Student Resources

At Mizzou Engineering, our brilliant undergraduates learn and work in a supportive atmosphere intended to help them achieve their dreams and become future engineering leaders. Our world-class Office of Academic Programs and Student Success offers robust advising assistance and unique opportunities to expand your horizons through  study abroad opportunities. Career Services will help you build your professional and leadership skills, capabilities that will help you start your career strong after graduation. And through Diversity and Outreach, we support all students as they navigate their way through the collegiate experience.

Student Orgs

Network with your peers and have fun while you're at it.


Work alongside faculty and make real-world impact.

Study Abroad

Become a global leader in engineering.

Career Services

Get ahead of the game by taking advantage of Career Services.

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