Transfer Information

The University of Missouri has several available resources for students looking to transfer to the MU College of Engineering. Below, you can find information on courses offered by various schools and colleges of engineering, compare them to their equivalent course here at MU. Additionally, you can view transfer guides that lay out paths to transfer to Mizzou from several partner colleges and universities across the state.

If you have any questions, please contact Enrollment Managemment.

Transfer Students

Students from other institutions must:

*Students wishing to transfer to IT do not have to have completed Calc 1.

Current MU students must have:

  • 24 credit hours with 2.0 or higher cumulative GPA
  • Good academic standing
  • Calculus I with a C- grade or higher

Core Requirements to be Direct Admitted to Department as a Transfer Student

All transfer students must meet all core curriculum and GPA requirements on the admission requirement table above to directly enter an engineering degree program. Students who meet all criteria for admission to the College but not all departmental criteria will enter the College with an undeclared engineering status until all requirements are met.

This website provides transfer equivalency information between the University of Missouri and selected institutions, both for transfer students, which will allow a student to view how coursework will be accepted at MU, and for current students who would like to take courses away from their home campus.

Mizzou has formal agreements with colleges throughout the state to help simplify the transfer process for you. Find articulation agreements and transfer guides for more than a dozen colleges on this page.

Mizzou Transfer Info

Find out how you can apply to Mizzou as a transfer student.

Course Transfers

See what your credits will transfer into at Mizzou.

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