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Animating the scientific world

Imagine Buzz Lightyear with a mind of his own. With the advance of computer animation, that’s not such far–fetched speculation. But Academy Award–winning computer scientist Demetri Terzopoulos told an MU audience recently that computer animation research promises advances in fields such as psychology and education far beyond those involved in movie–making techniques. “This avenue offers […]

Considering another power source for an alternative energy economy

Hydrogen, natural gas, ethanol: these and other renewable resources are the subjects of intense research as the world works to shift to an alternative energy economy. Michael J. Antal Jr. would like to add coconut shells, grass clippings and cow manure to the list, as well as other biological wastes. Antal, a professor of renewable […]

CoE professor receives college honors

College of Engineering leaders recently honored Professor Jim Keller for earning the University of Missouri’s highest academic rank with his pioneering computer research. Keller, a professor of electrical and computer engineering and computer science, has been named a curators’ professor, a designation given to the UM system’s most successful and prominent scholars. College administrators and […]

Career fair reflects strong engineering job market

It’s a good time to be an engineer. Employers want to hire more new graduates and are willing to pay them more than in previous years, according to a National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) job outlook summary. The engineering job market is strong, with competition among recruiters for the best new graduates, the […]

CoE partners with campus colleagues to improve environment for women faculty members

National concern has been focused in recent years on America’s shrinking lead in science and technology. With the aid of a three–year National Science Foundation grant totaling nearly $500,000, the University of Missouri–Columbia College of Engineering is joining an intercollegiate effort to help bolster the educational foundation in those fields by improving the campus environment […]

Aiming for hope

No championship rings are on the line, no national title is at stake. Still, members of the College of Engineering’s Naval ROTC Battalion team hope the basketball game in which they’ll compete Saturday will matter to a lot of people. The American Freedom Fighter Basketball Challenge, in which MU members of the American armed forces […]

Seeking to fulfill nanotechnology’s medical promise

Nanotechnology promises to provide new solutions to perennial health problems, according to a prominent medical researcher scheduled to speak at the University of Missouri–Columbia this weekend. Gregory Lanza, an associate professor of medicine and biomedical engineering at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., will discuss the burgeoning field of “nanomedicine” during the third annual Nanoalliance […]

CoE fortifies educational and research leadership through new faculty members

Two new faculty members have joined the MU College of Engineering, strengthening the college’s education force while fortifying its foundations for groundbreaking research. Zhiqiang Hu, a wastewater treatment expert, started work last August as an assistant professor in the CoE’s civil and environmental engineering department. Nam–Jung Kim, a nanotechnology researcher, became the CoE mechanical and […]

CoE researcher seeks to shine light on autism diagnoses

Autism is widely known as a source of national crisis, a developmental disorder striking the lives of an increasing number of American families. But autism’s causes are still uncertain and its symptoms widely variable. Even autism’s diagnosis is grounded in behavioral evaluations rather than objective physical tests. Gang Yao, a University of Missouri–Columbia biological engineering […]

Engineering professor honored for pioneering computer research

CoE Professor Jim Keller has won a prestigious international peer award for his groundbreaking work in developing more intelligent computers. Keller, a professor of electrical and computer engineering and computer science, has been selected to receive the 2007 Fuzzy Systems Pioneer Award sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ (IEEE) Computational Intelligence Society. […]

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