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Portrait: Baolin Deng

Improving health by improving water filtration

A research team led by Mizzou Engineers recently published an article on how to potentially remove arsenic from ground water more efficiently with less expense for household use.


Engineering Students Participate in Undergraduate Research Day

Four Mizzou Engineers were among 14 MU students selected to present their work during the UM System’s Undergraduate Research Day.

Gary Yao and Judith Miles pose for a photo in their lab

MU Licenses Patented Screening Technology for Autism

From the Office of Research and Economic Development Autism spectrum…

Portrait: Matthias Young

Young Honored with Top Investigator Award

Matthias Young, assistant professor in biomedical, biological and chemical engineering, received the prestigious 2020 Paul H. Holloway Young Investigator Award from the American Vacuum Society (AVS) Thin Film Division.

Portrait: Brandon Lee

Lee Wins Outstanding Poster Award at American Physical Society Annual Meeting

A Mizzou Engineering senior majoring in both chemical engineering and physics received an Outstanding Poster Award during the virtual American Physical Society’s (APS) Division of Plasma Physics 62nd Annual Meeting in November 2020. “The ‘perfect energy source’ is not within our grasp yet, but we are getting closer by the day.”

Portrait of Soumen Jana

Rebuilding Heart Valves Using Tissue Engineering

Assistant Professor Soumen Jana in the Department of Biomedical, Biological and Chemical Engineering wants to develop a different solution for heart valve repair. And the projected goal of this solution is a tissue-engineered heart valve that grows and works like native heart valves.

MU Health Care worker inspecting face shield

Locally Made Shields Protect MU Health Care Workers

In April, a volunteer group led by University of Missouri College of Engineering professor Kevin Gillis, DSc, met with MU Health Care leaders. The goal was to figure out the best ways to harness the talent of a cross-campus team of problem-solvers to make medical equipment to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eduardo Torres Dominguez performing lab work

Avoiding food contamination with a durable coating for hard surfaces

In the future, a durable coating could help keep food-contact surfaces clean in the food processing industry, including in meat processing plants. A new study from a team of University of Missouri engineers and food scientists demonstrates that the coating — made from titanium dioxide — is capable of eliminating foodborne germs, such as salmonella and E. coli, and provides a preventative layer of protection against future cross-contamination on stainless steel food-contact surfaces.

Drawing of person writing on their forearm.

The New Tattoo: Drawing Electronics on Skin

One day, people could monitor their own health conditions by simply picking up a pencil and drawing a bioelectronic device on their skin. In a new study, University of Missouri engineers demonstrated that the simple combination of pencils and paper could be used to create devices that might be used to monitor personal health.

Heather Hunt

Switching Modalities Mid-Term to High-Quality Online Leads to Similar Learning Outcomes

Students who switch from face-to-face teaching to high-quality online even within a semester show similar learning outcomes – yet overall prefer the online setting, a new study has found. This spring, when the COVID-19 outbreak forced the University of Missouri and other institutions of higher education to move all courses to digital learning (fully online or remote teaching), the team’s research suddenly became extremely relevant.