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Mizzou formula car team retains its top 20 standing

MU’s formula car racers finished 19th out of 121 teams in this year’s Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Formula Competition, earning a presentation award as they defended the team’s high overall ranking. The Mizzou team’s finish in the annual competition held May 17 through May 21 in Romeo, Mich. is similar to last year’s top […]

Engineers vital to sustainable development

Tree hugging isn’t just for environmentalists anymore. Engineers have a key role to play in the search for sustainable technologies that will solve the environmental woes plaguing today’s society, said Jerald L. Schnoor, a University of Iowa civil and environmental engineering professor. Sustainable answers to a variety of ecological problems require engineering know–how, said Schnoor, […]

Engineering for opportunity

The newest College of Engineering competitive car has three wheels, a top speed of 20 mph and headlights attached to its roll bar. That may be just what it takes to win. CoE’s Basic Utility Vehicle team will pit its simple car against the stripped-down designs of 10 other university teams in the sixth annual […]

Mizzou Engineering competition focuses on learning by doing

Catapulting an egg toward a frying pan 40 feet away takes more than a steady hand and a good eye. More importantly, it requires a practical understanding of the principles of conservation of energy and momentum as well as other laws of physics. In short-scientific knowledge. Science and math are at the heart of Mizzou […]

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