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Chemical engineering scholarship allows for graduate student’s research

When looking for graduate programs in chemical engineering last year, Leonhard Sze decided to apply to the University of Missouri. Never mind that his first introduction to MU was picking Mizzou to go to the Final Four in his NCAA basketball bracket. The offer of the Robert and Dorcas Holtsmith Graduate Student Scholarship enticed Sze […]

Undergraduate researcher studies biomaterials

Megan Schroeder took the initiative to introduce herself to Matthew Bernards, an assistant professor of chemical engineering, after he presented his research to her introductory chemical engineering class. Hearing from Discovery Fellows program students about the undergraduate research they’d done had piqued her interest. “I just walked right up to him after the class and […]

New faculty member continues work into advanced lithium battery research

The newest face among the chemical engineering faculty in the University of Missouri College of Engineering is no stranger to academia. Associate Professor Yangchuan Xing joined Mizzou Engineering after 10 years at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Xing brings with him his current research, which focuses on energy conversion and storage. The project […]

Mizzou Engineering ChemE Car Team places in top 10 at nationals

After placing second in the regional competition this past May, Mizzou Engineering’s ChemE Car Team took its backpack-sized car, many hours of preparation and Mizzou pride to the American Institute of Chemical Engineers‘ ChemE Car National competition (AlChE) and successfully placed in the top 10. “They were only 18 inches away from the line and […]

Nanoantenna reinvents solar energy

The yellow dwarf star at the center of our solar system that reliably illuminates and warms this planet was considered a deity in ancient cultures. The science behind the sun’s energy only gradually occurred to the curious and the ingenious. Today, the ability to harvest solar energy is viewed as one of the foremost solutions […]

New chemical engineering faculty member receives Powe Grant

Sheila Baker, an assistant professor in chemical engineering at the University of Missouri since January, has been awarded an Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Seed Grant. Out of the 118 submissions from the 98 ORAU member universities to the grant program, 30 awards were made “to enrich the research […]

Chemical engineering student receives Mizzou Inclusive Excellence Award

When chemical engineering graduate student Tapashree Tah came to the University of Missouri in 2006 after living in India her whole life, she felt what many international students feel. “I wanted to celebrate festivals from home and meet other international students,” Tapashree said. She didn’t waste time finding ways to fill those voids. Tah got […]

Project to develop renewable energy source evaluation tools

When it comes to moving this country’s energy consumption toward renewable resources “the lights are on.” But the “nobody’s home” punch line of the old cliché just as easily refers to the lack of available tools to help businesses, organizations and individuals make informed decisions about the viability and the political and economic impact of […]

Engineering students chosen for prestigious Mizzou ‘39

Every year, the Mizzou Alumni Association Student Board (AASB) names 39 outstanding seniors to the elite Mizzou ’39 class, and this year three engineers made the cut. Anna McLaughlin, Matthias Young and Matt Wopata all received the prestigious distinction for their academic achievements, leadership and service. The AASB began Mizzou ’39 in 2005 as a […]

Chemical engineering paper receives ‘Most Cited Author’ award

Story by: Jashin Lin In 2004, Galen Suppes, chemical engineering professor at the University of Missouri, and his team published a paper in Applied Catalysis A, a prominent chemistry journal. The paper’s title, “Transesterification of soybean oil with zeolite and metal catalysts”, might not be a phrase to set one’s imagination on fire, but the […]

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