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Research with corn phenotypes used to model data network

“The University of Missouri is one of the few places in the country that does interdisciplinary research well,” said Toni Kazic, the C.W. LaPierre professor in computer science. “It adds richness to the research, makes it easier to find solutions, and fosters a dialogue that will be ever richer’” added Kazic, who serves on the […]

Book links informatics and fuzzy logic

Properties and behaviors of biological systems and objects often behave randomly, and analyzing them with bioinformatics programs can present certain limitations. A new book written by University of Missouri College of Engineering researchers offers insight into how fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic can provide tools to aid in solving some of these problems. Dong […]

Unlocking the secrets of protein mimics

“Our lab is developing computational methods that will rely on experimental and evolutionary data to determine structural information about protein complexes,” said Dmitry Korkin, a University of Missouri assistant professor of computer science, and a faculty member of he MU Informatics Institute. He explained that evolutionary data is novel data that, with the recent advancements […]

MU colleges join forces to pursue sustainable energy

University of Missouri’s College of Engineering and College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources are seeking campuswide participation in a new center focused on developing renewable energy resources. The MU colleges jointly launched the Center for Sustainable Energy last spring in hopes of establishing Missouri as a leader in the nation’s search for energy sustainability. […]

Mizzou Engineering student wins nuclear association award

A Mizzou Engineering graduate student is receiving international recognition for his work to develop an engine for a portable nuclear materials detector far smaller and less costly than existing devices. Andrew Benwell, an electrical and computer engineering doctoral student, won the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management’s (INMM) J. D. Williams Student Paper Award on July […]

Mizzou powers up the electrical and computer science fields

Mizzou Engineering plans to power up the electrical and computer science workforce by financially backing students pursuing those fields. With the aid of a National Science Foundation grant totaling nearly $520,000, Mizzou’s electrical and computer engineering department will launch a scholarship program next fall that aims to encourage student enrollment and retention. Awardees will receive […]

Student Achievement

James Bryce, a senior in civil engineering, is one of 12 students nationwide to be selected for the Washington Internships for Students of Engineering (WISE) program this summer. The program introduces students to the impact they might have on public policy as professional engineers. Bryce wrote to faculty mentor Professor John Bowders from Washington saying, […]

Uncovering radar signatures to detect landmines

Countries throughout the world have joined forces to try to defuse the effects of landmines, which kill and injure thousands of people each year. Mizzou Engineering Professor Dominic Ho has contributed substantially to that effort during the nearly 10 years in which he has focused on landmine detection research, having already helped develop a ground-penetrating […]

Finding new causes for polar ice sheet changes

The Antarctic ice sheet may grow thinner or thicker from natural changes in snowfall that are unrelated to long-term trends, according to a recently released study co-authored by a University of Missouri engineering researcher. Experts are keeping a particularly close eye on changes in polar ice sheet thickness and mass as possible indicators of global […]

Mizzou grad to serial entrepreneur

Bob Lozano has aptly been referred to as a serial entrepreneur for the string of start-up technology businesses he has been associated with since he graduated from the University of Missouri with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering in 1979. Lozano credits his passion for self-employable enterprises to his professors and fellow graduate students at […]

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