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IMSE faculty member earns prize for best research paper

Assistant Professor Mustafa Sir, new to the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering (IMSE) at the University of Missouri, in September learned that he had been awarded the 2008 Katta Murty Prize for Best Research Paper on Optimization from his alma mater, the University of Michigan. The endowed award was established by Michigan Professor […]

Uncovering hidden mechanisms in Alzheimer’s disease

“Alzheimer’s is a very complex disease,” observed James Lee, a University of Missouri biological engineering assistant professor, reflecting on the research he is conducting on a form of dementia that has robbed an estimated 26.6 million people worldwide of the spark of mental acuity responsible for their personal identities. Breakthrough findings from an initial National […]

Measuring phase change one cell at a time

Standing in front of the MizzouCentral stage at the Missouri State Fair this summer, microphone in hand, Gary Solbrekken worked the crowd like a pro. His demonstration of scientific principles was one of several sponsored by the University of Missouri College of Engineering to accentuate its informational booth. Holding a grape over a canister of […]

Protein structure prediction defines career

In 2001, Dong Xu, now the James C. Dowell computer science professor in the University of Missouri College of Engineering, and department chair, collaborated with then fellow researcher Ying Xu at Oak Ridge National Lab—now at the University of Georgia—to develop a set of computational tools for protein structure prediction and evaluation. Labeled PROSPECT, the […]

Research with corn phenotypes used to model data network

“The University of Missouri is one of the few places in the country that does interdisciplinary research well,” said Toni Kazic, the C.W. LaPierre professor in computer science. “It adds richness to the research, makes it easier to find solutions, and fosters a dialogue that will be ever richer’” added Kazic, who serves on the […]

Engineering researchers developing portable water recycling system

University of Missouri engineering researchers are developing a portable wastewater treatment system for military bases that they believe ultimately will produce water pure enough to drink. The portable treatment system will screen the wastewater with advanced membranes as well as disinfect it chemically, producing reusable water that would save what often is a scarce resource […]

Mizzou Engineering advancing new manufacturing technique

A Mizzou Engineering professor is working to refine an advanced manufacturing technique that may make conventional aircraft assembly lines a thing of the past. A. Sherif El-Gizawy, a mechanical and aerospace engineering faculty member, has received nearly $88,000 from The Boeing Co. to adapt an advanced manufacturing technique for its use in aircraft production. The […]

3-D imaging research takes aim at autism

A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2007 confirmed what had become obvious to many health care professionals, specialists, and family support agencies: More children than ever before were being diagnosed with autism. Investigators called its prevalence an “urgent public health concern,” estimating that two to six in every 1,000 […]

Building a “smart” carpet for safer living

Nearly one–third of American seniors 65 and older fall each year, and such falls cause more deaths than any other injury, government statistics show. Harry Tyrer, a University of Missouri electrical and computer engineering professor, hopes to create a safer environment for seniors. Tyrer has received $200,000 from the Alzheimer’s Association to work with MU’s […]

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