IMSE graduate earns public service award from Department of Defense

“If you say the name Dan Sewell, he’s the veteran that everyone on campus knows,” said Carol Fleisher, director of the University of Missouri Veteran’s Center as she introduced Sewell to a crowd gathered to honor the pair. Fleisher and Sewell, a 2010 graduate of industrial and manufacturing systems engineering, received the U.S. Department of […]

Smart engineers extend capabilities of smartphones

With funding from a U.S. Army/Leonard Wood Institute research grant, the University of Missouri College of Engineering professor has enhanced the device’s capabilities for target localization and tracking functions. These new capabilities go hand-in-hand with his work to create ad hoc networks with smartphones, allowing the wireless devices to communicate with each other without the […]

Surveying the road ahead

According to an August 2010 article in WIRED magazine, coalition forces in Iraq suffered more than 13,000 improvised explosive device (IED) attacks between 2006 and 2009. IEDs have now become the principal killer of U.S. troops in Afghanistan — responsible for up to 75 percent of casualties in some areas — and more than 3,000 […]

Kiger selected as journal’s editor-in-chief

Sam Kiger, Mizzou Engineering’s associate dean of research, was selected as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Critical Technologies in Shock and Vibration. Kiger has extensive experience as a nationally recognized leader and expert in explosion effects and blast-resistant structural design. He serves as director of the National Center for Explosion Resistant Design at MU and […]

New engineering center targets computer security

Computer crimes and their terminology have become as much a part of our daily lives as breakfast. Bill Harrison, associate professor of computer science, is one of the good guys whose entire career is focused on improving computer security. Two years ago, with Harrison’s help, the University of Missouri was accredited as a Center of […]

New commander at the helm

Though it has maintained a presence on the University of Missouri campus since 1946, Naval ROTC has been affiliated with the College of Engineering since 1980, and recently, the unit has come under new command. Captain Michael A. Vizcarra, first commissioned by the Navy in 1984, assumed command of MU’s Reserve Officers Training Corp Unit […]

Biological engineering senior lands $10,000 NCMR scholarship

Biological engineering senior Bryant Harris’ future fell into place when he learned he had been awarded a $10,000 research scholarship from the National Consortium for Measurement and Signature Intelligence Research (NCMR). The scholarship program was established to encourage students to consider technical career paths within the intelligence community. “I was overwhelmed with joy when I […]

The right man for the job: fast work on an anti-IED mine roller saves lives

“I’m always looking at that next hard problem,” said Alan Canfield, a 1991 mechanical engineering graduate who works as the counter-IED program manager at the Panama City division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center. A Navy civilian, Canfield said he originally worked on Marine Corps land mine and expeditionary warfare projects, but that he was […]

Industrial engineer lands sweet deal with DoD

To many, a guaranteed job after graduation could sound like a pipe dream. Add undergraduate tuition paid in full right up to graduation day, and people might just laugh. But for junior industrial and manufacturing systems major Adam Rubemeyer, this scenario became reality for the price of a 14-page application and a couple interviews. Rubemeyer […]

Student organization sponsors nuclear safeguards workshop Open Image

Student organization sponsors nuclear safeguards workshop

The 1979 accident at Pennsylvania’s Three Mile Island nuclear power station in combination with the catastrophe at the Chernoblyl power plant in the former Soviet Union in1986, dampened public confidence in nuclear power. Fossil fuels were cheap and plentiful, and for 30 years, no new plants were built in this country. Many universities simply discontinued […]

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