Soil Characterization Lab

One of a kind: college soils laboratory unites characterization services, geotechnical testing

Soil science is life science. And the geotechnical engineers and soil scientists in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering working to invigorate the University of Missouri’s Soil Characterization Laboratory are enthusiastic about the critical nature of the work they are doing and its potential impact within the State of Missouri and beyond. “Can you […]

Building bridges safely and efficiently

As phobias go, the fear of bridges — gephyrophobia — is fairly common, and irrational indeed, given that actual bridge collapses like the 2007 mishap in Minneapolis, Minn., are extremely rare. The government would like to keep it that way, and beginning October 1, 2007, the Federal Highway Administration required all states to adopt Load […]

Civil Engineers work together to assist community

University of Missouri civil engineering students and staff members of the Big Muddy National Fish and Wildlife Refuge (BMNFWR) are working on a mutually beneficial project. A bridge at the Jameson Refuge Unit in Arrow Rock, Mo., suffering from years of erosion has opened a window of opportunity providing student’s with real-world experience and the […]

Mizzou Engineering helping build better farms

Missouri cropland soon may be a bit greener thanks to an engineering researcher’s work on a computer-assisted terrace design program. Allen Thompson, a Mizzou biological engineering associate professor, is developing a Web-based system to help design farm terraces that prevent water from eroding steep and hilly croplands. Coupled with new computerized topographical information, the program […]

Mizzou Engineering digging further into earthquakes

Mizzou Engineering researchers have begun digging more deeply into what triggers earthquakes, thanks to a powerful new device that simulates the enormous forces bearing down on rocks about a kilometer below the ocean floor. Engineering’s geotechnical group in mid-April installed a $16,800 high-pressure soil compression test device, jointly financed by a $4,000 donation from Kansas […]

Mizzou Engineering to help Peru recover from earthquake

A Mizzou Engineering geotechnical team will travel to Peru in October to help the earthquake-shattered nation rebuild its most devastated cities. Thousands of earthquake survivors have been living in makeshift shelters since a magnitude 8.0 quake struck central Peru’s coast on Aug. 15, killing more than 500 people and reducing houses in the cities of […]

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