The Environment

Seeking environmental guidelines for the next revolution

As the nanotechnology revolution builds, Mizzou Engineering and federal researchers are joining forces to try to identify some guidelines for safely assimilating the tiny particles that fuel the technology into the environment. Baolin Deng, a civil and environmental engineering associate professor, and Hao Li, a mechanical and aerospace engineering assistant professor, are part of a […]

New environmental student organization profiled

University of Missouri Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Enos Inniss was recognized in the Fall 2008 issue of Current, a publication of the Missouri Water Environment Association. Inniss was acknowledged for assisting in the establishment of a Water Environment Federation’s student chapter at the University of Missouri. “Dr. Inniss has energized grass roots […]

Pattarkine named CTO of OriginOil

Adjunct University of Missouri Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering Vikram Pattarkine has been appointed chief technology officer of OriginOil. The company is working on technology to transform algae, a promising source of renewable oil, into a true competitor to petroleum. Pattarkine’s career spans more than 25 years as a chemical-environmental engineer, with expertise in […]

Engineering researcher seeking better way to reuse nuclear fuel

As the nuclear power industry expands, a Mizzou Engineering faculty member is researching technology aimed at cutting the cost of reprocessing nuclear fuel so it can be used several times. Associate Professor Patrick Pinhero aims to develop an electrochemical cell for reprocessing used nuclear fuel based on a low-cost alternative to the platinum required by […]

Engineering researchers developing portable water recycling system

University of Missouri engineering researchers are developing a portable wastewater treatment system for military bases that they believe ultimately will produce water pure enough to drink. The portable treatment system will screen the wastewater with advanced membranes as well as disinfect it chemically, producing reusable water that would save what often is a scarce resource […]

MU center drives energy innovation

MU Center for Sustainable Energy members are joining forces with researchers throughout the state in hopes of harvesting the enormous energy potential contained within algae microorganisms. The center served as host Sept. 12 at an on-campus workshop designed to encourage collaborative development of an efficient process for converting algal oil into biodiesel fuel. Center and […]

MU colleges join forces to pursue sustainable energy

University of Missouri’s College of Engineering and College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources are seeking campuswide participation in a new center focused on developing renewable energy resources. The MU colleges jointly launched the Center for Sustainable Energy last spring in hopes of establishing Missouri as a leader in the nation’s search for energy sustainability. […]

Finding new causes for polar ice sheet changes

The Antarctic ice sheet may grow thinner or thicker from natural changes in snowfall that are unrelated to long-term trends, according to a recently released study co-authored by a University of Missouri engineering researcher. Experts are keeping a particularly close eye on changes in polar ice sheet thickness and mass as possible indicators of global […]

Mizzou Engineering student team designs better septic tank

A Mizzou Engineering student team is devising a new type of septic tank that would better protect the environment. About 25 percent of the U.S. population—and 40 percent of new developments—use septic systems, according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Web site statistics. But wastewater treated and released by many septic systems still contains nutrients, primarily […]

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