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NRC preparing for new types of reactors

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Dale Klein urged students at a regional conference recently held by Mizzou Engineering to tackle the complex technological issues he predicted nuclear engineers soon will face. The nuclear renaissance now under way in the United States probably will generate plans for nuclear reactors unlike the light-water reactors that currently dominate reactor […]

Turning a profit on pollution prevention

Global business strategy will join forces with environmentalism in a Mizzou Engineering internship program slated to launch next spring. The new pollution prevention intern program will train students to provide on-site environmental assessments for Missouri businesses and industries. Interns will spend 10 weeks analyzing a client business to develop recommendations for increasing efficiency and cutting […]

Engineering students help residents stay warm

Engineering students help residents stay warm

Some Mizzou Engineering students are sharing the warmth of the season in an unusually practical way. About 30 Engineering Ambassadors and Mizzou Engineering Student Council members visited several low-income Columbia residents on Dec. 1 to help weatherize their homes. Using weather-stripping and other insulating tools, the students worked to reduce utility costs by improving energy […]

Mizzou Engineering joins international earthquake team

Mizzou Engineering is lending its expertise to an international effort to better understand earthquakes by drilling deep into and installing monitors in a fault system off Japan’s coastline. “My engineering background will put me in a position to help interpret how fluid pressure within the rocks affects the stress and strain of the fault system.” […]

Ice sheets becoming a hot topic

Rising sea levels are probably the most serious effect of global warming, and have already displaced portions of the world’s population, an MU College of Engineering professor warned Wednesday. “These effects are not in the future; these effects are happening now,” said Curt Davis, an electrical and computer engineering professor whose research focuses on ice […]

Considering another power source for an alternative energy economy

Hydrogen, natural gas, ethanol: these and other renewable resources are the subjects of intense research as the world works to shift to an alternative energy economy. Michael J. Antal Jr. would like to add coconut shells, grass clippings and cow manure to the list, as well as other biological wastes. Antal, a professor of renewable […]

Recycling to build a sustainable home

Recycling just got environmentally friendlier. Jeff Owens, a College of Engineering research assistant and physics graduate student, is coordinating an on–campus aluminum can drive to raise money to build an affordable home for a needy local family. While Owens plans to build the home under the auspices of the Christian housing ministry called Habitat for […]

CoE associate professor wins elite Environmental Protection Agency award

CoE Associate Professor Galen Suppes received an elite Environmental Protection Agency award today for his development of an environmentally friendly antifreeze. Suppes, an MU associate professor of chemical engineering, is the academic winner of this year’s Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, which recognizes innovative pollution-preventing chemical technologies. A panel of technical experts selected Suppes for […]

Curt Davis wins NASA science team appointment

Drawing upon nearly two decades of polar ice sheet research, CoE Professor Curt Davis will begin serving this month as part of a team managing a NASA satellite dedicated to measuring changes in the thickness of Earth’s ice sheets. Davis, an electrical and computer engineering faculty member, is one of eight scientists selected by NASA […]

Engineers vital to sustainable development

Tree hugging isn’t just for environmentalists anymore. Engineers have a key role to play in the search for sustainable technologies that will solve the environmental woes plaguing today’s society, said Jerald L. Schnoor, a University of Iowa civil and environmental engineering professor. Sustainable answers to a variety of ecological problems require engineering know–how, said Schnoor, […]

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