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MU engineer lends water quality expertise to federal, state agencies

Baolin Deng, C.W. LaPierre Professor of civil and environmental engineering, will serve on the Environmental Protection Agency Science Advisory Board’s Drinking Water Committee until 2018. He’ll also serve on a task force to update the Missouri Water Plan, an effort being undertaken by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Missouri Water Resources Research Center turns 50

In commemoration of its 50th anniversary, the MOWRRC held a symposium featuring speakers from all over central Missouri on topics including Missouri water issues, water management and water conservation.

Laying the groundwork for agricultural use of groundsource energy

Just a few feet below the surface of the Earth — seasonally baked dry in summer’s heat and frozen solid in icy winter months — the soil remains a stable 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the location. This constant temperature represents an incredible source of environmentally friendly, sustainable energy to heat and cool […]

MU’s stormwater best management practices focus of undergraduate research

A diverse group from across campus came together this semester to sponsor an undergraduate research project looking into stormwater best management practices at the University of Missouri. The student team is laying groundwork to evaluate existing projects in preparation of data collection that will be used to inform future decisions. It is hoped the effort […]

Microbe plays major role in wetland research

As organisms go, the microbes that are the heroes of this healthy wetland tale are among the toughest and tiniest. They can live in an environment that lacks both oxygen and sunlight, and roughly four hundred of them will fit into the period at the end of this sentence. University of Missouri Civil Engineering Assistant […]

Researchers explore ways to give amphibians rights of way

Story by: Sarah Scully Kathleen Trauth, an associate professor in the civil and environmental engineering at the University of Missouri, and Ray Semlitsch, a curators’ professor in biological sciences at MU, aim to guide future rights-of-way (ROWs) designs and placement of mitigation wetlands. They also plan to create experimentally proven methods to relocate rare, declining […]

Creating new energy and opportunity

Marine veteran Neil Ouellette sees both public service and personal opportunities in a renewable energy training program Mizzou Engineering is helping teach. Injured during the Gulf War and subsequently discharged in 1991, the 39-year-old Kirkwood, Mo. resident returned home to work as a truck driver and a builder before launching a successful outdoor landscaping business. […]

A rising tide of calls for Mizzou Engineering water expertise

Several public water suppliers struggling to meet tougher federal standards are tapping Mizzou Engineering water quality experts in hopes of finding ways to remove cancer-causing byproducts from their systems. Mizzou Engineering’s Water Resources Research Center already is working with Columbia and Boonville to discover exactly where and how excess disinfection byproducts (DBPs) that could cause […]

Seeking environmental guidelines for the next revolution

As the nanotechnology revolution builds, Mizzou Engineering and federal researchers are joining forces to try to identify some guidelines for safely assimilating the tiny particles that fuel the technology into the environment. Baolin Deng, a civil and environmental engineering associate professor, and Hao Li, a mechanical and aerospace engineering assistant professor, are part of a […]

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