Engineering Leadership Engagement and Career Development Academy

Engagement Point System

Students enrolled prior to Fall 2020 may participate in many ways in various Focus Areas to finish earning their certificate in Leadership and Engagement.

  • Students must accrue 400 points by graduation.
  • Students accrue points according to their interest and schedule. There is no requirement to accrue a certain number of points per semester/year.
  • Students may not receive points for any activity for which they are paid or receive academic credit.
  • When in doubt about the eligibility of an activity, check with Academy staff for a determination.

Students can record their Leadership Academy Points in Canvas. Log in and find CoE Leadership Academy in the Course List. Navigate to the Modules tab and select Log My Points.

Below are some examples of activities within each Focus Area. As the Academy grows, other activities will be added. If you are unsure whether a certain activity will qualify for points, check with Academy staff.

Focus Area


Leadership Education

10 points per session

Learning to Lead and Learning to Innovate professional development sessions led by college, campus, community and industrial professionals. Topics include discussions on business ethics, managing conflict, team building, communication, interpersonal skills, decision-making, business and product development and more. This focus area also includes the Academy Book Club and attending special Academy events. Also included in this category are events presented by the Office of Diversity and Outreach Initiatives. Other events may qualify; check with Academy staff to determine eligibility.

Industry Engagement

  1. 20 points per activity
  2. 15 points per visit
  3. 10 points per event
  1. Participation in the Recent Alumni Development Board Mentor Program, the Academy Mentor Program or another mentor program approved by Academy staff. Limit one per semester.
  2. Site visits to industry approved by Academy prior to visit.
  3. Attending Industry Office Hours or other industry-sponsored events on campus.

Organizational/Competition Team Involvement

  1. 10 pts. (member)
  2. 15 pts. (officer)
  1. Students will receive 10 pts. for membership in an organization/team OR
  2. Students will receive 15 pts. for serving as an officer in an organization/team.
  3. Limit one organization as member OR officer per semester.

Career Development

10 points

Per event including the Career Fairs; Reverse Career Fair; Mad-Dash Resume Review; Employer Information Sessions; or workshops on surviving the career fair, resumes, interviewing, negotiation and job search techniques.

Service and Volunteering

10 points

Per activity including service to the college or MU, volunteering for campus committees, Greek Life activities, community service activities, volunteering at camps and competitions and other activities as approved by Academy staff.

Your participation in the Academy will change yearly depending on your schedule, your interests and the skills you wish to refine. We are always open to suggestions for activities, changes to the program and your questions. Let us hear from you! Contact Mark Eye ( or Amanda Boer ( with questions, or come by W1025 Lafferre Hall.

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