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The Engineering Leadership, Engagement and Career Development Academy, the Engineering Office of First-Year Students and the Engineering Recent Alumni Development Board are pleased to collaborate to bring new opportunities to engineering students through the Academy Mentor Program (AMP). In this innovative and three-tiered program, Mentors (engineering professionals) will mentor Protégés (engineering students at the sophomore, junior or senior levels). Proteges may then choose to mentor Mentees (first-year engineering students). Pairs of Mentors and Proteges and pairs of Proteges and Mentees will meet throughout the semester, either independently or together.

Here’s how AMP works:

  • Professionals serving as Mentors will provide their Protégés with guidance, support and feedback and will meet at least six times each semester, often virtually.
  • Protégés mentoring first-year engineering students (Mentees) will meet with their Mentees as needed (but at least six times each semester) to help Mentees adjust to university life, provide advice on academics and study skills and help ensure that Mentees are utilizing the wide variety of student support services available.
  • Although it is strongly encouraged, Protégés are not required to mentor first-year students.
  • An information form for Mentors, along with applications for Protégés and Mentees are available on the Academy website at https://engineering.missouri.edu/current-students/academy/.
  • Although not required, Protégés are welcome to include their Mentor in meetings with their Mentees if all parties agree.
  • Matches made in January 2019 may continue as long as desired by the partners. New matches will be made as more Mentors, Proteges and Mentees apply for the program.
  • The Academy and the Office of First Year Students will work closely and collaboratively to make the matches and to facilitate meetings and communication as necessary.

An AMP Orientation Meeting will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 12 at 9 a.m. in the Old Varsity Board Room in the MU Recreation Center prior to the Engineering Career Fair scheduled for noon-5 p.m. that day. If program participants are not able to attend the orientation, AMP will assist in facilitating an introduction.

When matches are finalized, the Mentors, Protégés and Mentees will receive an AMP Handbook that will include a discussion of topics, activities and guidelines to help them participate in the program.

Information for Mentors

Professional mentors are absolutely essential to our students’ success. If you are willing to share some time, experience and expertise with our students, please complete the information form and submit to us via email. We would be delighted to have your involvement and will be back in touch soon with a match for you.

Participate in the Academy Mentor Program (AMP)

This program is open to ALL students in the College of Engineering. Academy members may receive up to 25 points per year, depending on their level of involvement.

Students who applied to be matched with a Mentor last semester (Fall 2018) do not need to re-apply. Please let us know, however, if you are willing to be matched with a first-year Mentee.

For more information, contact

Office of First Year Students

Victor Bradford

W1002 Lafferre Hall

Leadership Academy

Mary Paulsell

W1025 Lafferre Hall

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