1st Semester Tips

Check your emails daily

Any email sent from your academic advisor is important – we do not send spam emails.

What classes do I need for my intended major?

Ask your advisor to email you the flow chart for your major

Last day to add or drop a class?

Walk-ins are welcome through the first week of classes for schedule changes – do not wait until the last day to make changes!

Difference between withdrawing and dropping?


Last day to withdraw from a course:

Speak with your instructor
Speak with financial aid
Fill out course withdrawal form (advisor must sign)

What is full-time?

12 or more credit hours per semester

I am concerned about my classes this semester. Tips:

Go to instructor/TA office hours to ask for help
Attend free tutoring sessions (info below)
Contact your advisor

Free tutoring math, science & engineering courses:


Not sure my credits transferred:


What is a registration hold and how do I remove it?


You can check in your myZou student center to see if you have a hold. The hold will prevent you from enrolling in classes, so be sure to get all holds taken care of before your enrollment date.

When is my enrollment date?

Check for your enrollment date for next semester classes by going to your myZou student center. Your enrollment date will be sometime during early registration- check below for when early registration is.

When do I sign up for spring semester classes?

Advising typically begins at the beginning of October. Keep an eye out for emails from your advisor

How do I register for classes?

You must first meet with your advisor BEFORE your enrollment date. Be sure all holds are removed before your enrollment date, then on your enrollment date, you can enroll in your courses through myZou.

Registration instructions can be found here:


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