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Faculty Mentors

Biomedical Engineering & Biological Engineering – Charles (Chase) Darr, Research Scientist

Chemical Engineering – Mary Myers, Associate Teaching Professor

Civil and Environmental EngineeringSarah Orton, Associate Professor, P.E.

Computer ScienceJustin Legarsky, Associate Professor Computer Science

Electrical Engineering – Justin Legarsky, Associate Professor

Information Technology – Brian Maurer, Assistant Professor of Practice

Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering – James Noble, Professor, P.E.

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering – Craig Kluever, Professor

Biomedical and Biological– Gang (Gary) Yao

Chemical Engineering – Bret Ulery

Civil and Environmental Engineering – Praveen Edara

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science – Yi Shang

Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering – Luis Occeña

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering – Frank Feng

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