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St. Patrick's Court

Five queen candidates and five king candidates make up St. Patrick’s court.The five king and five queen candidates make up St. Patrick’s Court. These 10 individuals are present at all Engineers’ Week activities. They represent E-Week and the College of Engineering at the University of Missouri. At the St. Pat’s Ball, one queen candidate and one king candidate will be crowned the Queen and King of Engineers’ Week. Apply now.

This is one of the oldest and greatest honors that can be bestowed upon an Engineer at Mizzou.Shamrock-N-Roll E-week Logo


Current queen candidates each decorate a sash declaring their candidacy to be worn on the right shoulder. King candidates each harvest and tame a shillelagh, a green staff. Sashes must be worn and shillelaghs must be carried at all times throughout E-Week. A candidate caught without sash or shillelagh must read the Edict of St. Patrick in front of the proper official to have the item returned.

In addition to attending and leading E-week events, candidates perform service activities, travel about the state of Missouri and meet with government officials.


E-Week kings and queens began in 1921. At the time, queen candidates were neither engineers nor MU students. Non-engineering students from Stephens College and Columbia Christian College competed for the title of the Queen of Love and Beauty. Competitions for the King title, and therefore King candidates, did not exist until 1984.

Congratulations to King Riley Short and Queen Addison Korsmeyer!

Addison Korsmeyer and Riley Short


Meet the Royal Court Candidates of 2019!

St. Pat's Court 2019

The candidates from left to right:
Kyle Lang, Addison Korsmeyer, Alex Baumann, Scott Lyon, Haley Samson, Riley Short, Grace Hartman, Travis Ralstin, Melinda Groves.

King Candidates

Alex Baumann

Civil Engineering

Hometown: Chesterfield,MO

Nominated by St. Pat’s Board

Kyle Lang

Chemical Engineering

hometown: Chesterfield, MO

Nominated by St. Pat’s Board

Scott Lyon

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Hometown: St. Charles, MO

Nominated by Mizzou Engineering Student Council

Travis Ralstin

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Nominated by Mizzou Engineering Student Council

Riley Short

Biological Engineering

Hometown: Osage Beach, MO

Nominated by Mizzou Engineering Student Council

Queen Candidates

Melinda Groves

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Hometown: Eldon,MO

Nominated by Pi Tau Sigma

Grace Hartman

Civil Engineering

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Nominated by St. Pat’s Board

Katie Innis

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Hometown: South Elgin, IL

Nominated by Eta Kappa Nu

Addison Korsmeyer

Chemical Engineering

Hometown: Alhambra, IL

Nominated by St. Pat’s Board

Haley Samson

Civil Engineering

Hometown: Jefferson City, MO

Nominated by Mizzou Engineering Student Council

  • History
  • As a tradition with origins stemming back to the 1903, all engineering students revere Mizzou’s Engineers’ Week.
  • e-week Events
  • It is every engineer’s duty to participate in the celebration of Engineers’ Week.
  • St. Patrick's Court
  • Five queen candidates and Five king candidates make up St. Patrick’s court.
  • Merchandise
  • Engineers’ Week merchandise is available Monday-Friday throughout E-Week.
  • Sponsors
  • We would like to thank all of our Engineers’ Week sponsors.
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  • Feel free to contact us if you would like additional information or have any questions.
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