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The Experience

About Camp COE

Camp COE provides an incredible experience for students just getting their feet wet in college and engineering. Campus, classes, and life as a college student can be overwhelming and we want to help mitigate that! Come make friends, network with faculty, and enjoy yourself for a weekend with other students who are also looking to maximize their college experience! Camp COE introduces freshmen, first-year transfer students, and international students to Mizzou, the College of Engineering and upper-class engineering students. Join us for a kick-off pep rally, plus a weekend full of fun memories! Make Camp COE a part of your college experience!

Camp COE is an exciting experience for incoming engineering students at Mizzou. Here’s a bit more about what to expect from the experience.

  1. Networking: When you think of engineering, you might imagine a student who devotes all of his or her time to reading dense textbooks. While that may have some truth to it, a large part of engineering is about who you know! Camp COE provides you an informal setting to start getting to know your classmates. During camp, you will be put into small groups of campers each led by upperclassmen. The counselors, directors and staff members will all be there to support you and get to know you and help integrate you into Mizzou’s culture.
  2. You: Our main goal of Camp COE is to help you feel more confident and prepared to succeed in school. Because Camp COE falls on the weekend after syllabus week, once you return from camp you will still have the majority of the semester to take advantage of your new connections. We hope you realize how great you are while participating in activities like rope courses, competitions, small group sessions, and other games.
  3. Fun: By the end of the weekend, the thing you’ll remember most about Camp COE is what a great time it was. Whether you are sitting around the campfire getting to know new classmates or coming together through team activities, the memories you make during Camp COE will stay with you throughout your time at Mizzou.

All of the activities are scheduled so everyone will be able to participate. Don’t want to participate in one specifically? That’s okay! We have plenty of other options!

  1. Large group activities: In engineering, teamwork and networking are imperative to a successful college career! Get to know other students by participating in activities such as scavenger hunts and low-rope courses to really learn what it means to be a part of a team!
  2. Small group sessions: Each camper will be placed within a counselor group mentored by 3 current College of Engineering students who have a passion for Mizzou and the College of Engineering. These sessions will be an opportunity for campers and counselors to get to know each other better and expand relationships. Gather around the campfire in the evening, roast s’mores, and listen to your counselors and directors talk about their college experience! Our counselors represent a variety of student organizations, so incoming students can use this opportunity to see how they can get involved and make an impact on the college! Counselor groups will also be able join in friendly competition as they go head to head in an array of group activities.
  3. Your camp experiences: Outside of the regularly scheduled activities, there will be some downtime to hang out by the beach, go on a nature hike, or spike a volleyball on the sandy court! All lodging is air conditioned, and medication can be stored in refrigerators provided on campus. All we want is for you to have the best time possible!
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