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Engineering Academic Resources Program

Engineering is one of the most challenging and rewarding degrees a student can pursue and Mizzou Engineering want to ensure your success. In addition to the great resources found at the Mizzou Student Success Center, Mizzou Engineering provide daily free tutoring on common engineering course. Learn from upperclassmen and graduate students who have already aced the course.

  • Guaranteed 4.0 Learning System

“Guaranteed 4.0” does just what the title implies. This educational series details a unique learning method that is guaranteed to deliver a 4.0 GPA. The focus of these seminars is not “how to study.” Rather, we want students to LEARN HOW TO LEARN and ultimately achieve a mindset of academic excellence and success. If students follow the Guaranteed 4.0 plan exactly and fail to make all A’s, they receive $100! Guaranteed 4.0 sessions are available at the beginning of the fall semester.

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