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Current Students

International Programs

Mizzou’s College of Engineering offers a special program for international students whose home institutions have an MOU partnership with MU.

These programs offer a chance for a complete cultural and educational experience for international students. Students will not only immerse themselves in American life and culture, but also receive the same exceptional, education that our current students receive.

  • General Information for International Students
  • List of partner institutions
  • Questions & more information

Coordinated Undergraduate Degree Programs

The most common of these programs offers international students a chance to earn a bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri. Students will spend an average of two years completing the necessary coursework at the home institutions. Students will then transfer, along with the allowable number of credit hours, to finish their degree at MU. Mizzou encourages students to complete their coursework in two years, but often find that many stay longer in order to take full advantage of this cultural experience.


Collaborative Academic Programs

Additionally, Mizzou offers another program for international students interested in furthering their education. There is an available Master’s of Engineering program, similar to the Bachelor’s program. On average, students spend about 3 years studying at their home institution, and then come to MU as a visiting student.  As course requirements are met, students can receive their Bachelor’s degree from their home institution.

Mody Institute of Technology and Science (MITS)

Mizzou’s College of Engineering has a special collaborative academic program with Mody Institute of Technology and Science (MITS). On average, students spend about 3.5 years studying at MITS, and then come to MU as a visiting student. As course requirements are met, students can receive their bachelor’s degree from MITS.


SR International Institute of Technolgy (SRIIT)

Mizzou’s College of Engineering has a special collaborative academic program with S.R. International Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, India (SRIIT). On average, students spend about 2.5 years studying at SRIIT, and then transfer their SRIIT course credits to MU. As course requirements are met, students can receive their bachelor’s degree from MU.


Tuition and fee information is available each April for the upcoming academic year.


Master’s degree

Once all undergraduate coursework is complete, MU works to aid students in their pursuit of a master’s degree. Help is available for preparing for GRE testing, finding a potential graduate advisor, and applying to the program. All criteria for admission to the MU graduate program applies to these international students. If a student is able to find a graduate professor, their application meets the general criteria, and they are accepted to the program, they will work towards their master’s degree in their desired field.

  • Collaborative Academic Programs


Once you’re accepted

The College of Engineering provides special services for students from our Chinese and Indian partner institutions only.

These include

  • transfer from arrival airport (St. Louis or Kansas City) to Columbia,
  • assistance with housing details,
  • access to social networking site to connect with other international students prior to arrival, and
  • membership in the Engineering Peer Mentoring Program.


Home away from home

For Chinese students, home isn’t so far away thanks to Columbia Friends of China and the Chinese Christian Church of Columbia. These organizations offer companionship, social events, and services such as airport shuttles. They are a great resource for Chinese students to experience a community-within-a-community. The University of Missouri also supports the Friendship Association of Chinese Students/Scholars.

Mizzou’s Indian students also will find a warm welcome in Columbia. The University’s Cultural Association of India includes 200 students and more than 200 faculty families, doctors, resident physicians, and post-doctoral fellows from all over India. Columbia’s Shanthi Mandir is a Hindu temple and community center supported by the Indian community.


Making Friends: Peer Mentor Groups

Mizzou Engineering encourages immersion into Columbia’s social and cultural setting outside the classroom. The peer-mentoring program pairs international students with English-speaking domestic students.

Peer-mentor groups socialize in planned events such as pizza parties or attending an MU football game, and peer mentor pairs are encouraged to get together on their own on nights and weekends to help international students become part of the Columbia and greater campus community.


Test of English As a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and
International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Scores

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