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Academic Probation and Dismissal

College of Engineering Policy on Academic Action for Spring Semester 2020

Academic policies for the College of Engineering in effect at the end of Fall Semester 2019 include:

  • Probation for term GPA under 2.0 but above 1.0 while in good standing
  • Dismissal for term GPA under 1.0 or under 2.0 while on probation

Due to the effect of the coronavirus pandemic and the difficulty of some students to adjust to remote learning, the above regulations will be waived for Spring Semester 2020, to be replaced by the following evaluative process. The term GPA when grades are first posted, before students have converted from A-F to S/U grading, will be used in the evaluation.

  • All students regardless of Spring Semester 2020 performance are permitted to enroll for Summer Semester 2020.
  • Students who earn a term GPA of under 0.5, as well as students who earn a term GPA of under 1.5 while on probation, will be required to go through an evaluative process (described below) before continuing in the College of Engineering for Fall Semester 2020.
  • All other students will continue with the same academic standing as what they started with for Spring Semester 2020. Specifically, there will be no new probations as a consequence of Spring Semester 2020 performance for such students.

Purpose of the evaluative process is to determine whether a student’s difficulty can be attributed to the events this semester, as well as the viability of the student to continue with the same degree goal in engineering. Some students will be placed administratively on probation (not dismissed) with no further action required on their part. For others, they will be notified to join (individually) a mandatory zoom meeting with the Associate Dean of Academic Programs, along with a faculty member and/or an academic adviser from the student’s desired degree program. Possible outcomes from the zoom meeting will be one of the following:

  • Decision by student to pursue another degree program. Possibilities include switching to another college within Mizzou, or to the newly formed Discovery Center (https://discoverycenter.missouri.edu), which serves as a way station for students who are transitioning from one major to another.
  • Student continuing in the College of Engineering on probation with an agreement to take a specific course load during Fall Semester 2020.

Please direct all inquiries to Interim Associate Dean of Academic Programs Paul Chan.

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