Micropile Load Test Data Request

Supporting NCHRP 04-40 Reliability Based Geotechnical Resistance Factors for Axially Loaded Micropiles

The University of Missouri, under the Transportation Research Board’s National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP), is developing updated specifications for design of axially loaded micropiles. The research team is seeking micropile load test data from the geotechnical design and construction community to help develop appropriate design methods and resistance factors.

To facilitate data collection, the research team has developed a PDF form with fields for all requested information (page 1) and simple instructions (page 2). Additional project documents (construction plans, boring logs, load-settlement curves, etc.) can be attached to the form or submitted separately. The links below can be used to download the solicitation letter, the data entry form, and detailed instructions for the form. A link to the Dropbox webpage for file submission is included.

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