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Neural Engineering - Systems Undergraduate Certificate

Gain a deeper understanding of how the brain functions with a Certificate in Neural Engineering – Systems. This cutting-edge program is offered through the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Mizzou Engineering.

What is it?

The undergraduate Certificate in Neural Engineering – Systems is a 12 credit-hour stand-alone certificate. It consists of 6 required credit hours and 6 hours of support courses.

Why pursue it?

Understanding the brain is one of the top challenges for research in our time. This certificate will prepare engineering students to work in neuroscience-related careers, both in industry and academia. The certificate is ideal for current students—whether at Mizzou or another institution—who are seeking graduate school opportunities in neuroscience and neural engineering. Individuals seeking entry-level career opportunities in biomedical technologies—such as Elon’s Musk’s company Neuralink—would also benefit from this certificate.

Neural Engineering – Systems Undergraduate Certificate 

Requirements: 12 completed hours

Required: 6 hours from the set below:

BIOL EN 4540           Neural Models and Machine Learning
or BME 4540             Neural Models and Machine Learning

ECE 4310                  Feedback Control Systems
or BIOL EN 4310      Feedback Control Systems
or MAE 4750            Classical Control

ECE 4590                  Computational Neuroscience*
or BIOL EN 4590      Computational Neuroscience
or BIO SC 4590        Computational Neuroscience
or BME 4590             Computational Neuroscience
or CMP SC 4590     Computational Neuroscience


Support courses: 6 hours from the set below:

Any of the three courses above not taken

PSYCH 2210             Mind, Brain and Behavior

MPP 3202                  Elements of Physiology

ECE 4830                  Introduction to Digital Signal Processing

BIOL EN 4070           Bioelectricity

BIOL EN 4075           Brain Signals and Brain Machine Interfaces


Current Mizzou students should speak to their advisor about adding the certificate.

Non-Mizzou students can apply for the certificate here.

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