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Global Supply Chain Management Graduate Certificate

The Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, College of Engineering  and the Department of Management, Trulaske College of Business at the University of Missouri are offering an interdisciplinary graduate Certificate in Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM).

What is it?

The graduate certificate in Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM) is a 12 credit-hour interdisciplinary certificate. It consists of:

  • One Supply Chain course from the Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering in the College of Engineering
  • One Supply Chain course from the Department of Management in Trulaske College of Business
  • One Analytics elective
  • One Supply Chain/Operations elective.

Why pursue it?

The courses will prepare supply chain professionals for successful careers by training them in operations management, analytics, sourcing/procurement, logistics, distribution, transportation, information technology, and decision sciences. A career in SCM can also include purchasing, operations and production, supply chain planning, warehousing and materials handling, import/export operations, sales, inventory control, and supply chain analytics.

Over the last several decades SCM has gained broad acceptance by both academics and practitioners and is currently considered a core discipline in business/industrial engineering education. SCM draws heavily upon expertise in operations management, strategic management, marketing, logistics, transportation, information technology, and decision sciences. SCM is not merely an effort to increase operational and cost efficiencies; the implementation of SCM approaches and tools have strategic implications for an increasingly competitive business environment.

Global Supply Chain Management Certificate Requirements

Requirements: 12 completed hours (6 required, 6 elective), 3.0 GPA in the 12 completed hours

Required six hours

MANGMT 7070                          Supply Chain Management (must be taken first)
IMSE 8370                                  Supply Chain Modeling & Analysis

Analytics Track (choose 3 hours):

IMSE 7410                                  Data Engineering & Predictive Modeling
IMSE 8110                                  Engineering Experimentation
MANGMT 7420                         Managerial Statistics
MANGMT 7450                         Business Analytics
MANGMT 7470                         Data Analysis for Managers
MANGMT 7480                         Managerial Analytics
MRKTNG 8180                          Applied Statistics in Marketing Analytics
MRKTNG 8760                          Marketing Analytics for Business Decisions
MRKTNG 8780                          Advanced Marketing Analytics

Supply Chain/Operations Track (choose 3 hours):

IMSE 7330                                   Material Flow & Logistics System Design
IMSE 7350                                   Production & Operations Analysis
IMSE 7360                                   Supply Chain Engineering
IMSE 7370                                   Service System Engineering Management
IMSE 8030                                   Advanced Manufacturing and Supply Systems
IMSE 8310                                   Advanced Integrated Production Systems
MANGMT 7090                           Purchasing and Supply Management
MANGMT 7430                           Operations Strategy
MANGMT 8510                           Project Management
MRKTNG 8350                            Business to Business Marketing


Use the Planning Worksheet for Graduate Certificate in Global Supply Chain Management to develop individual plans to obtain the GSCM certificate, to see when courses are offered and if they are offered in-class or on-line.


  1. Submit a Change of Program form. Under “new program,” write in GSCM Certificate.
  2. Submit a Graduate Certificate Plan of Study form.

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