IMSE Hall of Fame Nomination

The Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Department Hall of Fame committee is seeking candidates for the next class of the IMSE Hall of Fame. The IMSE Hall of Fame Membership Committee will review nominations, with a select group of nominees recommended for formal voting by the Hall of Fame Board. There are currently 57 members in the IMSE Hall of Fame, which began in 2008. Read more about existing Hall of Fame members.

Qualifying Criteria

A potential IMSE Hall of Fame member should be recognized as outstanding in his/her chosen field in one or more of the following categories:

  • Degree — Nominee should hold a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree from the University of Missouri Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Department, granted at least 15 years prior to election.
  • Accomplishments — Nominee should be recognized for one or more of the following significant accomplishments in his/her career:
    • Be an outstanding and recognized academician, scientist, or researcher in industrial engineering or other chosen field.
    • Be an outstanding and recognized leader who has received distinction in a chosen field other than industrial engineering.
    • Be an outstanding engineering practitioner, and/or possess recognized expertise in one or more fields of industrial engineering.
  • Personal Attributes – Nominee should be a person worthy of emulation and a person recognized as a leader and a role model for young engineers. Such recognition shall be based on one or more of the following qualifications:
    • Be a leader of people or a project of unusual scope or concept, or a business that has achieved outstanding success.
    • Be active in professional or career organizations.
    • Be a recipient of honors in the nominee’s profession or career.
    • Be active in the community through public service, service organizations, and/or charitable causes.
    • Be an active lecturer or writer on subjects related to the nominee’s chosen field.

Make a Nomination

Download and complete the nomination form (the next round of nominations will take place in March 2022).

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