Naval Science

Navy Preparatory Program

The University of Missouri Navy ROTC Preparatory Program Scholarship provides economically and/or academically disadvantaged applicants with a unique opportunity to earn a commission in the United States Navy. This scholarship offers a five-year scholarship to the recipient.

Deadline: April 30

Contact Commander Richard Dean, Executive Officer, at or 573.882.6693 to apply. 

Mizzou’s Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) Prep Program presents a special opportunity for students to prepare for success both in their STEM fields of study and as officers in the United States Navy. During the preparatory year students will receive:

  • Full-year scholarship, including room and board
  • $400 textbook stipend
  • Academic mentoring and advising
  • Focused educational skills courses.

For more information on the Navy Preparatory Program, visit here.

For information on how to join, please contact:

Captain Connor Koukol, Marine Office Instructor

For general NROTC information, please contact the office at 573.882.6693

Office Location:
105 Crowder Hall