Ashkan Gholamialam

Ashkan Gholamialam

Ashkan Gholamialam, Graduate Research Assistant

Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Ashkan Gholamialam is a doctoral student in Traffic and Transportation Engineering at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Over the past 6 years, he has been conducting research in a wide range of areas such as transportation planning and demand, network optimization, sustainable transportation, infrastructure design, GIS and spatial data analysis. The primary focus in Ashkan’s research is evaluation and optimization of transportation networks using mathematical and computational models. The outcome of his work gives insights into different components of the system that leads to policy implications for further improvements. His researches have been presented and published in international conferences and journals, respectively. Recently, he won the first-place award in John Odland Student Paper Competition at the Spatial and Modeling Group of American Association of Geographers.


  • MS in Transportation Planning, University of Isfahan

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