Nickolas Wergeles

Nickolas Wergeles

Nickolas Wergeles, Assistant Professor of Professional Practice

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Information Technology

Nick Wergeles teaches his lecture class.


Nickolas Wergeles is an Assistant Professor of Professional Practice and serves as a Research Advisor and Mentor in the EECS Department at the University of Missouri. Wergeles works in the IT Program and teaches courses such as CS/IT 2830, CS3330, and CS/IT 4830/7830. He has published several papers in international conferences on Robotics and AI, Machine Learning, and Mobile/Cloud Application Development and has started many companies, his own called Streamline Technology Company and co-founded TigerAware. Wergeles has over 10+ years of industry experience and worked as a researcher for the University of Missouri, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, and the University of Central Missouri. Wergeles continues to serve as a mentor under Professor Yi Shang in the Distributed and Intelligence Computing Lab, serves in management positions with research programs such as the REU and Big Data Summer Program, advises projects under Professor and Director Dong Xu in the Digital Biology Lab, and will continue to publish research in the future. Streamline Technology Company has published work for government agencies such as the Missouri Department of Conservation, private industry vendors, and even work done for the University of Missouri.


  • Master of Science in Computer Science, University of Missouri
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, University of Central Missouri

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