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Robert Druce

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Robert Druce

Robert Druce, Assistant Teaching Professor

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Robert Druce Portrait


Robert Druce is an assistant teaching professor in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at the University of Missouri. His primary research targets pulsed power and radio frequency effects. Initially working for the Air Force Weapons Laboratory (now AFRL/DE), Druce compiled a comprehensive pulsed power bibliography, published and available on NTIS. He spent 25 years working at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory performing various national security tasks, including high-explosives research focused on performance testing of various detonating explosives (e.g. HNS, PETN, TATB), electrical initiation of secondary explosives, development of diagnostics to study detonation physics, high explosive safety and initiability studies. He also investigated initiation systems for MCG generators. Additionally, he studied photoconductive switching at the Defense Research Agency in Great Britain.


PhD from Texas Tech University
MS from Texas Tech University
BS from Lamar University

Technical Focus

Physical Electronics
Radio Frequency

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