Sabiha Naz

Sabiha Naz

Sabiha Naz, Assistant Research Professor

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Sabiha Naz Portrait


Sabiha Naz is currently teaching in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department (MAE). Her previous job experience includes work as a senior scientist at Karachi Nuclear Power Plant, (KANUPP), where she contributed to the development of a number of software modules for running the power plant. These modules include software routines on criticality calculations, temperature regulation, xenon poison calculations and inventory maintenance. While at the University of New Mexico, her work was related to the safe disposal of weapons grade plutonium using various moderating/absorbing schemes, as well as projects related to criticality calculations for excess plutonium waste using MCNP and TWODANT simulation codes. Simulations of different worst-case scenarios were also carried out in the repository environment. While pursuing her PhD in Nuclear Engineering at the University of Missouri, her research was focused on analytical techniques to solve the neutron transport equation and highly accurate benchmark criticality results for different geometries. These calculations were carried out using the symbolic language, Mathematica and MCNP5 particle transport code, resulting in six journal publications.


PhD, Nuclear Engineering, from University of Missouri
MS, Nuclear Engineering, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
MS, Nuclear Engineering, Islamabad University, Pakistan

Technical Focus

Photoneutron generation in D20 System
Criticality studies for uranium-D20 system
Nuclear waste management

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