Sheila Baker

Sheila Baker

Sheila Baker, Assistant Professor

Biomedical Biological & Chemical Engineering, College of Arts and Science

Sheila Baker


Sheila Baker is an assistant professor with a joint-appointment in the College of Arts and Science Department of Chemistryand in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Missouri. Her research is focused on designing task-specific ionic liquid systems, nanomaterials and their hybrids for clean energy applications. She is working on developing novel nanofluids designed for efficient and reversible carbon dioxide capture from flue gas. Her research also includes the development of designer ionic liquids as electrolytes and novel nanomaterial components for photovoltaic, battery and capacitor applications. In addition to these aims, another topic being pursued in her labs involves environmental sensors and studies of the impact of nanomaterials on the environment.


  • PhD from University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
  • BS from Georgia Southern University

Technical Focus

Nanomaterials for clean energy
Designer ionic liquids/nanofluids
Environmental sensor technologies

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