Steven Devlin

Steven Devlin

Steven Devlin, Associate Dean of Economic Development and Industrial Engagement

Dean's Office, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

Steve Devlin
Steven Devlin serves as Associate Dean of Economic Development and Industrial Engagement and Senior Program Director of Business & Communities Extension at the University of Missouri. In his roles, Devlin leads a program focused on business development, community development, executive education, regional economic development, public policy and workforce development. Devlin oversees partnerships with federal and state government agencies, local communities, non-profit organizations and private businesses to leverage university expertise and secure funding to improve the lives of Missourians. Additionally, Devlin is Director for Teaching and Service in the 3D Interactive Printing Lab at Mizzou Engineering. Devlin’s research interests include bio-polymers and bio-composites, the biobased products industry and rapid prototyping. Prior to his current roles, Devlin served as Director of the MU Extension Business Program.

Before joining Mizzou in 2013, Devlin served in various roles at the Iowa State University Center for Industrial Research and Service. He also worked as an engineering analyst and product designer for Drafting Works, Inc., contracted to John Deere Des Moines Works, as a design drafter for Hollister Incorporated and for a residential construction company. Devlin is a U.S. Army veteran and a former member of both the Missouri and Iowa Army National Guard.

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