Kathleen M. Trauth

Kathleen M. Trauth

Kathleen M. Trauth, Associate Professor, IDE Faculty Fellow, P.E.

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Kate Trauth with daughter Ginny


Kathleen Trauth’s research analyzes the hydrologic and hydraulic conditions in natural and engineered systems using the tools of spatial modeling to ensure regulatory compliance and inform regulatory policy. Her research covers the gamut from combined sewer overflows in urban areas to the management of natural wetlands locations, and from the performance of highway rights-of-way to artificial nest boxes for the endangered Hellbender salamander.

In addition to her teaching and research, Dr. Trauth is committed to ensuring that diversity and inclusion are integrated into all aspects of the MU College of Engineering. To do so, she goes beyond programming to focus on the institutional challenges that many of our students face. To that end, her service ranges from being the faculty advisor for the Society of Women Engineers, to working to develop a mentoring program across campus through Women of Mizzou, to serving as a panel member for the campus Equity Resolution Process. Within the College, she is the founding Director of the Women in Engineering (WiE) Program and is grateful for the service of the WiE Faculty Advisory Board.


  • PhD Texas Tech University

Technical Focus

GIS-based hydrologic and hydraulic analyses for wetlands management
Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling for regulatory compliance assessments
Application of fluid mechanics principles to solve ecosystem problems

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