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Research Areas

Our department identifies seven interest areas of research. Read on to find out more about these interest areas, the faculty who specialize in them, and some of our featured research projects.

A trio of students looks over a set of pipes.

Research Projects

Ron McGarvey:

  • Identifying Optimal Multi-state collaborations for reducing CO2 emissions by co-firing biomass in coal-burning power plants (paper with graphics and abstract)
  • Efficient frontiers in a frontier state: Viability of mobile dentistry services in a rural state (paper with graphics and abstract)
  • Optimal production planning utilizing leftovers for an all-you-care-to-eat food service operation (paper with graphics and abstract)
  • Improving Road Striping Operations through System Optimization for MoDOT (PPT and CELDi project) with Noble
Big Data Graphic

Suchi Rajendran

Kangwon Seo:

  • Simulation-based Search for Optimal Experimental Design (PPT graphics)
  • Battery Capacity Prediction by Functional Monitoring Data (PPT graphics)

Sharan Srinivas:

  • Discovering Airline-specific Intelligence from Online Reviews (PPT graphics)
A series of redirecting road signs.

Jim Noble:

  • Underground Freight Pipeline System Logistic Network Design

Suchi Rajendran

  • Air Taxi Network Optimization – Integrating Strategic and Tactical Decisions using Data-driven Approach
  • Study of Hyperloop Network Operations using Simulation and Optimization Approaches

Sharan Srinivas:

  • Optimizing Last-Mile Delivery using Hybrid Truck-Drone Systems

Jung Hyup Kim

  • Healthcare Process Improvement using real-time location tracking (RTLS)

Ronald McGarvey

  • Diabetes Management at community health centers: Examining associations with patient and regional characteristics, efficiency, and staffing patterns

Suchi Rajendran

  • Inventory Management of Blood Supply Chain

Kangwon Seo

  • Tracking Alzheimer’s Disease Progression Path

Sharan Srinivas

  • Smart Dynamic Appointment Scheduling Rules
Graphic showing artificial intelligence

Jung Hyup Kim

  • Usability Test and Workload Analysis (PPT graphics, paper abstract)
  • Improve Student Learning in Augmented Reality Environments (PPT graphics)

Kangwon Seo

  • Analysis of Correlated Life Tests Data
  • Anomaly Prognosis Model in Manufacturing System
  • Design of Experiment with Random Effect

Ron McGarvey, Suchi Rajendran, Sharan Srinivas, Jim Noble

  • Optimizing Forecasting and Inventory Policies in a Make-to-Order Production Environment

Jim Noble and Ron McGarvey

  • Innovative Inventory Segmentation Strategies for Management of Service Parts

Jim Noble

  • Relation-based Item Slotting with Space Constraints
  • Integrated Material Flow Analysis

Omid Shahvari

  • Sustainable Design of an On-demand Supply Chain Network

Sharan Srinivas

  • Improving Inbound Logistics Operations to Reduce CO2 Emissions

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