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Pillars of Pursuit


Pillars of Pursuit

The University of Missouri College of Engineering identified its three core values — Integrity, Collaboration and Excellence in the areas of Education, Research and Translation — as part of the creation of a strategic plan and implementation roadmap for the College. After defining these values, College of Engineering leadership identified a number of differentiators, in the context of those three core values, that set the College apart from its competitors and peers.

The four differentiators became the priority areas for the College’s investments, hiring and resource allocations for the next five years. They collectively are known as the Pillars of Pursuit — Educating Engineering LeadersBig Data AnalyticsBiomedical Innovations and Sustainability inFEWSed (Food, Energy, Water, Smart Cities).


The Guiding Core: Integrity, Collaboration, Excellence


We work with honor.

We demonstrate strong character — even when no one is watching.

We take responsibility for our actions, and recognize the accomplishments of others.

We build strong teams through honesty, fairness and respect.

We are reliable and trustworthy: Others can depend on us to work harder and smarter as we seek new pathways, every day, to make life better for all.


We value strength found in working together.

We seek to understand those around us, and appreciate those voices that help expand our thinking and worldview.

We find power in synergy of different minds and experiences.

We support others, and we reach out to others for support.

We believe that only through our combined efforts will we achieve true excellence and impact global change.


We set a higher standard, and push beyond the status quo.

We pursue, accept and desire challenge.

We achieve greatness by expanding the limits of possibility.

We gather great minds who work in an environment of mentoring, trial and error, innovation and growth.

We take pride in our role as engineering leaders, globally renowned for developing groundbreaking, life-changing solutions.

We believe the work we do is more than education and research — it is changing the world.

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