Missouri 2021 High School Competition: Past

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The Digital Storytelling Program at Mizzou challenges high school students to use a combination of image and text to shed new light onto the history of Missouri. Consider how specific events from Missouri’s past affecttheway we live in 2021. What parts of our history, large or small, have made an impact on you? Show us, using a creative combination of words and images. Submissions may take any of a number of possible forms, including comics, photo essays, multi-modal webpages—really any creative combination of image and text.  

Students may use any tools at their disposal, including both analog and digital tools.If help is needed,participants may bepaired with a student mentor (via Zoom) currently majoring in DST or Film.  

Winningsubmissionswill be exhibited online and ata statewide Missouri Bicentennial event on MU’s campus in August 2021. First place winner will receive $100. 

Competition time: From February 2021 to May 2021 

Submission deadline: May 31, 2021 

Student eligibility: Any 9th -12th grade student who lives in Missouri 

How to submit:  

  1. Make your submission into a jpeg, pdf, or png. This could include a photograph of your original work if on paper.  
  2. Send an email with the subject line Submission to mo2021@missouri.eduAttach your submission to the email. Please include the following in the email body: 
  • Full name of student: 
  • Age of student: 
  • School that the student attends: 
  • Grade of student: 
  • Contact email of student’s parent or guardian: 
  • Contact phone number of student’s parent or guardian: 

Please email Assistant Teaching Professor or the Digital Storytelling Program Nick Potter pottern@missouri.edu with any questions. 

This competition is part of the Missouri 2021 High School Competition. You may also participate in the Present and Future categories. The Digital Storytelling Program is under the MU College of Arts and Science

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