Missouri 2021 High School Competition: Present

Students filming outside.

The Digital Storytelling Program and Film Studies programs at Mizzou welcome high school students to tell the story of their community in 2021 through video and audio. However quaint, however bustling, however mundane, however extravagant, however individual or communal,  tell us what makes your community unique through the power of storytelling. 

Submissions are encouraged to make in genres of documentaries, narrative fiction, audio podcasts, time-based animation, or you can blur these genre distinctions for your creative vision. 

Students may shoot, create, animate, and edit with any equipment in which they have access. In addition, editing your videos using free and available software are available at the following: 

Shortcut – Free and open source video editor for Mac or PC https://shotcut.org/ 

Video tutorial collection for Shortcut https://shotcut.org/tutorials/ 

Winning projects will be exhibited online as well as at a public screening at a statewide Missouri Bicentennial celebration on MU’s campus in August 2021. 1st place winner will receive $100. 

Competition time: From February 2021 to May 2021 

Submission deadline: May 31, 2021 

Student eligibility: Any 9th -12th grade student who lives in Missouri 

Video Contest Checklist: 

  1. Subject must be about your community in present day.
  2. Project is no longer than 3 minutes.
  3. All video and audio must be recorded by the student. 

How to submit:  

  1. Upload your video or audio project to YouTube.
  2. Send an email with the link and the subject line Submission to mo2021@missouri.edu. Please include the following: 
  • Full name of student: 
  • Age of student: 
  • School that the student attends: 
  • Grade of student: 
  • YouTube link to submission: 
  • Contact email of student’s parent or guardian: 
  • Contact phone number of student’s parent or guardian: 

Please email Assistant Teaching Professor or the Digital Storytelling Program & Film Studies Production Desiree´Moore dmoore@missouri.edu with any questions. 

This competition is part of the Missouri 2021 High School Competition. You may also participate in the Past and Future categories. The Digital Storytelling and Film Studies programs are under the MU College of Arts and Science

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