Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps at the University of Missouri

Summer Training Opportunities

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Summer training provides scholarship Midshipmen with the opportunity to experience the operational Navy and Marine Corps.  Summer training periods last three to four weeks and include opportunities worldwide. The 1st Class summer cruise is a requirement for commissioning. These experiences enable Midshipmen to prioritize their inputs for service assignment.


In order to be eligible for summer training, Midshipmen must be on scholarship or achieve advanced standing while in the College Program. There are three cruises available to Midshipmen: 3rd Class, 2nd Class, and 1st Class. Additionally, all Midshipmen, whether they receive an NROTC scholarship or not, will participate in New Student Orientation in the summer prior to their freshman year.

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation provides an opportunity for incoming Midshipmen to learn the importance of camaraderie, teamwork and self-discipline. This period of instruction focuses on military orientation including drill, uniform wear, core values, customs and courtesies, chain of command and inspections. Professional training on naval operations, service selection, drug and alcohol, and equal opportunity/sexual harassment creates the framework upon which four more years of professional training will be built.

New Student Orientation is held in Great Lakes, Illinois, and is mandatory for all incoming freshman. The orientation is approximately three weeks in length and takes place in either July or August.

3rd Class Cruise

3rd Class summer training occurs between freshman and sophomore year and is designed as an orientation cruise, exposing Midshipmen to the Surface Warfare, Submarine Warfare, Aviation and Marine Corps communities. Midshipmen at Mizzou attend 3rd Class cruise in San Diego, California, or Norfolk, Virginia, and spend a week with each community. During surface week, Midshipmen experience shipboard life while operating state-of-the-art technology. During submarine week, Midshipmen spend a week onboard a nuclear submarine an experience all facets of submarine operations. For aviation week, Midshipmen view static displays of naval aircraft and experience Naval Aviator training. Finally, Midshipmen learn to fire small arms weapons and conduct field maneuvers during Marine Corps week.

2nd Class Cruise

2nd Class summer training is known as the “blue jacket” cruise and orients Midshipmen to the enlisted side of the fleet. Midshipmen are assigned a running mate, usually an enlisted petty officer, and experience everything they do. As a future officer, this gives Midshipmen an outstanding perspective as to how enlisted Sailors or Marines live and work in the fleet.

1st Class Cruise

1st Class summer training is the officer orientation cruise. This cruise pairs Midshipmen with a junior officer in their desired community. Midshipmen get a first-hand opportunity to learn what to expect following commissioning and entrance into the fleet.

Marine Option

Marine-option scholarship Midshipmen attend the same summer training with their Navy counterparts following their freshman and sophomore year. After their junior year, Marine options attend Officer Candidate School (OCS) in Quantico, Virginia, for six weeks. Successful completion of OCS is a requirement for commissioning in the Marine Corps.

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