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Helping Missouri communities with water safety choices

There are a lot of public water operators who would like to blow some steam right now. Their frustrations flow from tightened federal regulations on certain “disinfection byproducts,” suspected cancer-causing chemicals created in the water treatment process. Public water suppliers aren’t steamed with the Environmental Protection Agency for regulating a health risk; they are frustrated […]

Cellular Secrets: New microchip charts cell chatter

Cellular Secrets: New microchip charts cell chatter

Story By: Anita Neal Harrison Eavesdropping is usually seen as a bad thing, but University of Missouri Professor Kevin Gillis has earned great respect for gathering information using advanced eavesdropping techniques. Gillis listens in on some of the world’s quietest “cellular conversations,” not whispered secrets exchanged over mobile phones, but information transfer between biological cells. […]

Researchers explore ways to give amphibians rights of way

Story by: Sarah Scully Kathleen Trauth, an associate professor in the civil and environmental engineering at the University of Missouri, and Ray Semlitsch, a curators’ professor in biological sciences at MU, aim to guide future rights-of-way (ROWs) designs and placement of mitigation wetlands. They also plan to create experimentally proven methods to relocate rare, declining […]

“Facebook Challenge” promotes competition team awareness

University of Missouri engineering competition teams are using Facebook to raise awareness about their activities and progress. A current Facebook contest, proposed by Charlie Triplett, engineering I-net administrator, is being held in an effort to promote engineering teams, recruit new students and spread the word. The contest began Sept. 9, and challenges each student team […]

Extensive MU engineering research funded by DoD

A hefty chunk of research funding within the University of Missouri’s College of Engineering comes from the Department of Defense (DoD). Active awards — as of September 2008 — amounted to more than $12 million. “We have expertise that the Department of the Defense needs to improve capabilities and better protect the war fighter,” Sam […]

Perfecting laser defenses

From “Star Wars” to “Star Trek,” the laser has captured the popular imagination like few other high-tech devices. Short for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation,” the laser has a storied history dating back to 1917 and Albert Einstein, who first suggested the concept of stimulated emission.  Simply stated, radiation can stimulate electrons in […]

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