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Research Day

Research Day

At the College of Engineering, we lead cutting-edge research and education in areas such as Big Data Analytics, Biomedical Innovations, Sustainability inFEWSed and leadership that positively impact our community, state, nation and world.

Tuesday // April 24 // 3-6 p.m.

3-5 P.M. POSTER SESSIONS – Lafferre W2003

5-6 P.M. KEYNOTE SPEAKERS – Ketcham Auditorium

For more information, contact:

Sheila Grantgrantsa@missouri.edu or 
Praveen Edaraedarap@missouri.edu


The Leadership Academy
Marlon Taylor and Samantha Warren

Marlon Taylor, engineering student leaderSamantha Warren, engineering student leader






Taylor: Senior Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Major
Warren: Senior Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Major

This talk will cover:

• Professional development workshops

• Networking and job search opportunities via Handshake

• The MU Engineering Leadership, Engagement and Career Development certificate

got bigdata?
Prasad Calyam, Ph.D.

Prasad Calyam
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Core Faculty in the University of Missouri Informatics Institute

This talk will cover:

• Why is Big Data related science/engineering important for our society’s future?

• Where is Big Data? Who really owns it?

• What does a Big Data researcher’s journey look like when discovering value in data?

• How are academia and industry groups evolving their Big Data ecosystems?

Pharmaceutic Formulations for Pets and People
Bret Ulery, Ph.D.

Bret Ulery
Co-Director of the Missouri Environmental Assistance Center

Director of Graduate Studies – Department of Chemical Engineering

Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering

Courtesy Assistant Professor of Bioengineering

This talk will cover:

• Why is Mizzou an excellent place for translational and precision medicine?

• What collaborative strengths already exist on campus and are growing?

• What specific examples of projects in this area are ongoing here?

Rubbish to Roads
Bill Buttlar, Ph.D.

Bill Buttlar
Director of Mizzou Asphalt Pavement and Innovation Laboratory (MAPIL)

Glen Barton Chair in Flexible Pavements, Civil and Environmental Engineering

This talk will cover:

• Why is asphalt the most recycled material on the planet?

• What waste materials are being used in asphalt, and which ones actually improve durability and sustainability?

• What STEM disciplines are needed to innovate in this area? Many!!!

• What innovations can be expected from MAPIL in the near future?

Poster Presentations

Civil and Environmental Engineering

  1. Predicting Shaft Responses from Full-Scale Lateral Loaded Test using Finite Element Method
  • Minh D. Uong, Andy Boeckmann and Dr. Erik Loehr)
  1. Experimental Evaluation of Load Transfer for Post-Grouted Drilled Shafts
  • Martin Wallace, Andy Boeckmann and Dr. Erik Loehr
  1. Specific affinity increase in acclimated sludge from anaerobic digestion treating low strength wastewater
  • Liyuan Hou et al

4. Forward Osmosis with an Algal Draw Solution for Wastewater Treatment

  • Brent Rood  et al

5. ZouSim: A Safe and Flexible Trucking, Driving, Walking, Biking, and Wheeling Simulator

  • Carlos Sun, Praveen Edara, Bimal Balakrishnan, Zhu Qing, Sandy Zhang, Michael Schoelz, James Hopfenblatt
  1. Sustainable asphalt pavement research at MAPIL
  • Majidifard  et al
  1. Smartphone-based Molecular Sensing for Characterization of Civil Engineering Materials
  • Alavi  et al
  1. Enabling Traffic Operations Management with Big Data Analytics
  • Uong Lan,  Feng Huang and Yaw Adu-Gyamfi.
  1. Innovative virtual reality applications for highway worker training
  • Daeyeol Chang, Khaled Aati, Praveen Edara, Carlos Sun,  imal Balakrishnan (HES), James Hopfenblatt (HES)

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

  1. CELDi –  Analysis of 3PL Intra-facility Material Flow
  • Bayer CropScience – Dian Trihastuti, James Noble, Ronald McGarvey
  1. CELDi – Optimal Inventory Segmentation under Realistic Conditions
  • Boeing – Molly Laird, Bailey Washer, Emmanuelle Wallach, Ronald McGarvey, James Noble
  1. CELDi – Relation-based Item Slotting with Space Constraints
  • Medline – Farnaz Fallahi, James Noble
  1. Woody Biomass use for Biopower and its Impact on Forest Resources
  • Ashkan Mirzaee, Ram Dahal, Houston Sudekum, Ronald McGarvey, Francisco Aguilar (Department of Industrial Engineering, Department of Forestry, Truman School of Public Affairs)
  1. “Early Detection of Adulthood Cardiovascular Disease Risk Based on Adolescent Risk Factors: A Machine Learning Approach”
  • Sharan Srinivas, Suchithra Rajendran, Dustin Smith and Joshua Zack
  1. “Depicting the Alzheimer’s disease progression by neuroimaging index visualization in low dimensional space”
  • Kangwon Seo, Rong Pan, Pradeep Thiyyagura, Kewei Chen
  1. “ood Waste in Campus Dining Operations: Inventory of Pre- and Post-Consumer Mass by Food Category and Estimation of Embodied Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  •  Costello, C., E. Birisci, and R. McGarvey
  1. Determining the Feasibility of Urban Agriculture to Meet the Nutritional Demands of a Population
  • O’Barr, M., C.Costello, B. Dunbar, R. McGarvey
  1. Assessing Long-term Hydrologic Impact of Climate Change on an Agricultural-Dominated Watershed using CMIP5 and SWAT Model
  • Gautam, S., C. Costello, Thompson, B. Svoma, C. Baffaut, and J. Sadler


  1. Targeted neuronal NAMPT deletion in motor cortex causes motor neuron degeneration and motor dysfunction
  • Advisor: Ding, Students: Rui He, Nannan Zhang, Zhe Zhang, Shinghua Ding
  1. Loss of Nicotinamide Phosphoribosyltransferase (NAMPT) Disrupts Synaptic Function of the Neuromuscular Junction (NMJ)
  • Advisor: Ding, Students: Samuel Lundt1, Nannan Zhang1, Luis Polo-Parada, Shinghua Ding
  1. Investigative Studies of a AuNP Viscoelastic Collagen for Disc Degeneration
  • Advisor: Grant, Students: Janae Bradley
  1. Electrospinning Lecithin-PCL Biomaterials for Osteoarthritis
  • Advisor: Grant, Students: Toni Matson
  1. Medium Throughput Plant Phenotyping Platform
  • Advisor: Hunt, Students: Marianne Emery, Yen On Chan, Nurhidayatun N. Anuar, Jacob Gajewski, Chloe Rees, Heather K. Hunt, Jianfeng Zhou, Ruthie Angelovici
  1. Computational modeling of articular cartilage
  • Advisor: Pfeiffer, Students: Muhammad Salim
  1. Sustainable Food Engineering Research Group
  • Advisor: Krishnaswamy, Students: Kiruba Krishnaswamy
  1. Automated Support Tool for Variable Rate Irrigation Prescriptions
  • Advisor: Thompson, Students: Anh T. Nguyen (A.L. Thompson, K.A. Sudduth, E.D. Vories)
  1. Evaluation of the Effect of Climate and Land Use Changes on Hydrologic Processes in the Salt River Basin, Mo., United States
  • Advisor: Thompson, Students: Quang Phung (A.L. Thompson, C. Baffaut, C. Costello, E.J. Sadler, A. Lupo, B.M. Svoma, S. Gautam)
  1. Optical Polarization Tractography
  • Advisor: Yao, Students: Leila Azinfar


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